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Mother and daughter shot and killed in Nuevo Leon

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March 18, 2013


After almost 12 hours was admitted with serious injuries to University Hospital, a young woman died in the first minutes of today, a victim of the gunmen fired bullets yesterday in Colonia El Palmar, in the north of Monterrey.

She had survived after being shot with his mother, who died on the spot, by three armed men who placed them next to a wall to shoot.

shot to death


This morning Ministerial Police identified the two women killed as Barbosa Maria Yolanda Medina, 36, and her daughter Kenya German Barbosa, 17.

“What we know is that the girl has died overnight death occurs, as in the opening minutes of today confirms that died,” said a source from the Attorney.

Kenya suffered two wounds on the right side and one in the back, which ended up being fatal injuries.

Yesterday at 11:40 am reported the shooting of two women after being taken to a vacant lot located on Calle El Palmar, between Saturn and Carpenters.

According to information gathered by ministerial officers, victims were deprived of their liberty and were transported in a van green.

It was reported that at least three men, carrying guns, women down and placed against the wall of a house adjacent to the vacant lot.

Witnesses said moments after the men fired their weapons at the two kidnapped and removed in the same vehicle on the same street to Avenida Del Palmar Lincoln, heading towards the town of Garcia.

The Green Cross paramedics rushed to the scene and found dead at Medina Barbosa, a result of a gunshot wound to the forehead and at least one in the abdomen.

Kenya managed to say his name and said that the other person was his mother and that both were abducted at home.

He could not detail the location of your house or the date on which they were deprived of their liberty by the armed group.

Elements of the Directorate of Forensic Services in the area located just over six .223 caliber caps, plus traces of blood that would have left the survivor to crawl a few meters on the plot.



Zetas: Slaughter in Cancun

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March 18, 2013


Note: This was a difficult translation, but I chose to go with a regional Cancun paper as it had more detail and the facts were different than outside Quintana Roo. Inside the state they attributed it to Zetas, outside the state there was little coverage but those that ran the story did not attribute the killings to Zetas. Havana is posting a follow up post in a couple hours….Paz, Chivis
Massacre in hands of organized crime, where seven people, most of them taxi drivers, which are linked to organized crime of “The Zetas”,were victims of a multiple execution, six of them died in the crime scene and one more after receiving medical attention. Two other people that were injured were hospitalized due to the wounds.
It was two hit men that descended from two vehicles, armed with a pistol and a long gun, with which was fired repeatedly against the now deceased.
One of the vehicles stopped in Avenue 20 de Noviembre and the other one on 88 Street, in front of lot 27. There is access and exit in both sides of the restaurant.
The bloody attack, unique in its type, occurred the evening of Thursday on the bar “La Sirenita”, where the sub secretary of conflict “B”of the union of Taxi drivers “Andres Quintana Roo”, Francisco de Asis Achach Castro (aka) “La Barbie”, relative of the former mayor Magaly Achach de Ayuso, as well as other six people were killed by an armed commando. In the crime scene, six people lost their lives.

Sub secretary of conflicts of the union of taxi drivers had received a death threat by a rival criminal group since last Monday. The message was clear and it was understood that his life was in danger.

It was five o’clock pm, when the bar “La Sirenita” located in the Region 233 above the Avenue 20 de Noviembre and Street 88 (forming a range) was bloody tainted. Miguel Alejandro Diaz Espadas (aka) “El Flamas, taxi driver, Manuel Carrascosa Ferrer, tinsmith, Carlos Aguilar aka “Kisifur”, whose brother Jesus Aguilar, was killed two years ago near the town of Leona Vicario, Jose Luis Gonzalez Moo, Jose Alfredo Rodriguez, Juan Briceno Villagomez and other three people, were hanging out in a table of the bar with the sub secretary of Conflicts.
The first reports, regarding the case, sustain that the armed commando that used arms of thick caliber like AK-47 “goat horn” and a 9 millimeter pistol, was well aimed at the time of killing them.
At the closure of this edition, it was confirmed the death of Francisco de Asis Achach Castro, nephew of the former municipal mayor Magaly Achach de Ayuso, Manuel Carrascosa Ferrer, Juan Briceno Villagomez and Jose Luis Gonzalez Moo, who died in the hospital, a little later after the attack.
Among the injured people is Carlos Aguilar Aguilar, who was taken injured out of the bar “La Sirenita”.
It was a clean operation from the organized crime. The hit men came down of only two compact vehicles, a golden Chevy Monza and a gray Jetta Volkswagen; they perpetrated the murder and left without leaving a trace.
Besides, the hit men did not commit any type of mistake, since everything indicates that they were called to the place to commit the murders.
At all times, according to eye witnesses, the hit men located the table where Francisco de Asis Achach Castro and his taxi driver companions were, to commit the massacre.
In fact, one of the lines of investigation leads to a reckoning against the sub secretary of the union of taxi drivers Andres Quintana Roo and the companions that surrounded him, which has a lot of weight due to an existing conflict between the criminal cells that work in the city and control and freely operate the taxi drivers guild.
The diary POR ESTO! have published in last edition that the union is coped and infested by the criminal group “Los Zetas”.
The facts
According to the report of the police of Cancun, around five o’clock an armed commando on board two vehicles; one a Chevy Monza color gold and another a Volkswagen Jetta, color gray, parked outside the bar “La Sirenita”, located in Region 233, lot 29, above the Avenue 20 de Noviembre, about 600 meters from the Avenue Rancho Viejo.
There, two individuals, one of them with an AK 47 rifle, best known as “Goat Horn”, and also a a man with a short gun, which descended from the vehicles with the weapons in their hands to accomplish the killing.
Both murderers immediately directed to the place and occupied their positions since one of them entered through the main entrance, where he located the table of the sub secretary of conflicts and began shooting.
According to versions of the eye witnesses, it was about 5 or nine minutes the time that the shooting lasted inside the bar, in which no worker was injured.
In the meantime, the other hit man that held the pistol, entered through the second entrance where Carlos Aguilar Aguilar was.
All of them were drinking outside of the palapa, which is the bar, since they were a few meters apart from it, gathered on the tables and chairs.
But a bit later, the taxi drivers decided to go in and Carlos Aguilar Aguilar was left alone.(continues next page)

Immediately, the cunning and bloody execution was taking place, when the hit men entered, one of them went directly to the palapa of the bar where he shot and executed six of the victims.
While the other one with the pistol, directed to Carlos Aguilar Aguilar and subdued him , he was ordered to drop to the ground.
But since he heard the burst of the gun fire, he reacted and wanted to get up, it was then he was shot but only on his legs.
Once the event was consummated, the hit men- allegedly native of north of the country according to the first investigations on the case- headed to the compact automobiles and flee towards the Avenue Rancho Viejo, managing to escape.
Time after, the PJE arrived to the bar “La Sirenita” and found six people killed, three of them identified as Francisco de Asis Achach Castro, Manuel Carrascosa Ferrer and the Architect Juan Briceno Villagomez, which were found scattered in several places of the building, on the floor and the tables. The other bodies were not identified.
The bodies presented wounds by fire gun on the abdomen, thorax and back, which reveals that some of them tried to escape.
The body of Manuel Carrascosa Ferrer, 46 years old, had green shirt, jeans, black sandals, was found in the entrance of the conflicted bar with shots on the chest.
The body of Francisco de Asis Achach had a white shirt, beige dress pants, black shoes, presented gun wounds in most of his body.
At the same time, the authorities found injured four people who said their names were Jose Alfredo Rodriguez, Miguel Diaz Espadas (aka) “El Flamas”, which is a taxi driver, Jose Luis Gonzalez Moo, who died in the hospital and also Carlos Aguilar Aguilar.
Immediately, the four individuals were helped by paramedics of the Mexican Red Cross, who transported Miguel Diaz Espadas, “El Flamas” and Carlos Aguilar Aguilar to the private hospital Galenia. They also transported Jose Alfredo Rodriguez and Jose Luis Gonzalez Moo, who died because of the serious injuries, to clinic IMSS of Coba Avenue, where their health state was reported as very serious.
It should be mentioned that the owner of the bar “La Sirenita”, identified as Sebastian Dzul Herrera, remained calm at all times, however, the judicial authorities requested him to define responsibility, since according to his file, he also has an extended criminal past.
Dzul Herrera has a criminal record since he have had several denounces and even incarcerations by fraud accusations, among others.
The presence of the Army, Navy, Federal Police, PGR, Judicial State Police, State and Municipal police was in force since the elements of the corporations of the three levels of government maintain the control of the zone.
At night, the coordination of the elements gave rise to several operations which intensified the search of clues to find the people responsible.
Until this moment, the authorities in charge of the investigation have not signaled which group of organized crime is responsible of the bloody attack.
A total of seven vehicles were left in the parking lot of the restaurant, apparently belonging to the now deceased and injured, among them the taxi cabs with the numbers 4963 and 0620, as well as five particular cars, such as a white Astra with license plates UUG-7543; a black Jetta, white Spirit, a Voyager truck, color gray and a dark blue Platina.
The dickheads are here”
An employee of the restaurant “La Sirenita” and who was witness of multiple executions revealed that the taxi drivers Francisco de Asis Achach Castro (aka) La Barbie and Miguel Alejandro Diaz Espadas “El Flamas”,were frequent eaters of that business, even when it was named “El Mero Mero”.
Related to the events, she said that all of them were calmly hanging out when suddenly a guy with a long weapon in his hands yelled “the dickheads are here” and started shooting against all the people that sitting in that main area of the restaurant, same people that were consuming outside some time before.
At the same time, outside, in the parking area, several detonations were heard against those who remained seated on the tables that were under a tree and in a few seconds, everyone was screaming on one side and dripping of blood on the other.
She described that the Municipal Police took several minutes to arrive and during the mobilization and confusion, she got out of the place because she was afraid that the hit men would return to kill the others.
Neighbors of the zone signaled that they lived moments of terror after hearing the raining of gun fire coming from that restaurant, which they described that during the evening, it operates as a brothel.
In the same way, neighbors said that the shooting was heard all the way to Ramon Bravo Prieto Elementary, where the teachers were obliged to delay the exit of the students for several minutes because of the fear it caused the sounds of the guns of thick caliber.
It transcended that the owner of the restaurant, Mr. Sebastian Dzul Herrera, has always been linked to the taxi drivers, according to people that know him, the cab driver that was executed on June 11, 2209 in the middle of the sport unit “Toro Valenzuela” and whose name was Roman Gamboa Arroyo, was his son in law.
It should be mentioned that after finishing with the investigations of the events, the director of the Judicial Police of the State, Arturo Olivares Mendiola said that in coordination with the police corporations of the three levels of government, immediately initiated an operation throughout the city of Cancun and even Playa del Carmen.
Identification of the executed
1. Manuel Antonio Carrasco and/or Carrascosa Ferrer, 48 years old, tinsmith. He was found in a supine position
2. Juan Briceno Villagomez, 51 years old, architect and employee of Infovir.
3. Nazarion Sanchez Flores, 33 years old
4. Still unidentified and was found in sitting position; Wears black jeans, black belt and shirt of the taxi drivers Union
5. Olegario Manuel Contreras Gamas, 32 years old, in supine position. White shirt with gray stripes, jeans
6. Francisco de Asis Achach Castro, 47 years old. Secretary “B” of conflicts of the unión“Andres Quintana Roo”
1. Juan Carlos Aguilar Aguilar aka “El Kisifur”, 23 years old; wound in right leg, entering and exit. Stable
2. Miguel Alejandro Diaz Espada, 41 years old. Wound in the back, entering and exit. Stable
3. Jose Luis Gonzalez Moo, 35 years old approximately, dies in the clinic IMSS (five wounds in chest, three in the back)
4. Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Hoy, 37 years old approximately; wound in left thorax, with just entering hole.
Source: Por Esto Cancun

CDG: Gringo and Puma Dead

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March 15, 2013


After a 72 hour bloody shootout that raged on Sunday night in the Tamaulipas city of Reynosa, many reports are consistently claiming that both el Gringo and El Puma were killed in the conflict.
The state and federal government have remained mute about the clash and inadequately, if not misleadingly, reported, that only two deaths occurred. This while reports persisted of the death of at least 50 people, adding 40 of the bodies, all members of organized crime, were found in four trucks.
Now this report has been forwarded reportedly sent by the Gulf Cartel indicating the situation was as follows:
In a bloody fight El Gringo and El Puma, and El Tachas was wounded in strikes.
Missing are many of the estacas and Halcones of; Bugambillias, San Valentine and Granjas, this was the territory of the first three.
In Bugambilias, one was taken from his home and tied him to the hood of a Truck, and has not been heard of again. The people who disappeared in Vistahermosa and Jarachina Sur were taken by “Metros”by orders given by comandante Manuel, in charge of 55, and is administrator of the Metros”.
Comandante Diablo got the territory of what used to be Gruas Mora and since last week the price of copper has been fixed at 50 pesos/kilo, whoever pays risks being kidnapped.
Since yesterday began looting of The Dubai [ brothel] owned by el Gringo. The Matraz in Cumbres was attacked with grenades, also for a while at Bebe’s boutique, now the X20 and Ciclones are the strong ones since many of Gringo, Puma and Tachas’ men aligned themselves with the new bosses.

5 die in Tamaulipas state

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March 15, 2013
As Mexican federal security forces have seized drug, guns and cars since last weekend’s bloody gun battles in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a total of five unidentified individuals were found dead in Reynosa Friday night, and in or near Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state, according to press accounts and official government news releases.

A late report which appeared on the website of Durango based said that a Mexican Army and Tamaulipas state police patrol located the body of a man left aboard a Ford pickup truck near the intersection of calles Occidental and Praxedis Balboa following an exchange of gunfire.

The government does not make clear if the victim, identified as Édgar José Zertuche Botello, was killed as part of the gunfight with Mexican Army and local security forces. The report does say, however, the weapons and tactical gear were found in the truck.

The report also says that Mexican Army units have been involved in fighting at several points in Reynosa.

According to a news release posted on the Tamaulipas state Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE), or attorney general the victims in Ciudad Victoria were located Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

Two men were found shot to death near the intersection of Calle Felipe Arredondo Vega, and a private drive in Las Cumbres colony. Both victims were in their 20s and both were shot once in the head with a .40 caliber weapon.

Meanwhile Thursday evening two unidentified men in their 30s were found tortured and shot to death in Ciudad Victoria. The victims were found on Libremento (Bypass) Unidos Nacionales between the exits to Matamoros and Monterrey.

The PGJE in its news release makes mention in the news report that the victims were the victims of a local gang rivalry, which one gang won. The mention probably means a message was left at the scene. No gang was identified as the culprit in the shooting.

In Reynosa Thursday, local drug gangs were involved in gunfights and pursuits with local police. According to a news account which appeared on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, the fighting began on Bulevar Morelos, where state police agents were involved in a pursuit of armed suspects. Blockades were put up by local gangs in Longoria and Rodriguez colonies.

Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu was apparently visiting the area when the gunfights and pursuits took place.

Wednesday, more than four metric tons of drugs were seized by Mexican federal security forces in Reynosa. A news account which appeared on the website of El Sol de Mexico said that a Policia Federal road patrol discovered two wine cellars at a location known as El Berrendo which is on the Reynosa to Monterrey-Nuevo Leon Highway, which were being used to store the drugs.

Almost four metric tons of marijuana and 100 kilograms of powder cocaine and 60 kilograms of crystal methampetamine were seized.

The news report also said that weapons were also found at the location but the number and type were not disclosed.

On Tuesday a news release by the Mexican Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) said that 30 vehicles, guns and drugs were seized in the aftermath of the bloody confrontation in Reynosa. The seizures took place between 1130 hrs Sunday and 2100 hrs Monday.

Tamaulipas government sources have claimed that only two individuals were found dead following a three hour gun battle in the city, while local residents through Twitter and other social media have claimed as many as 50 men were killed.

Both the Los Zetas and Gulf cartel local gangs are known to take the bodies of their dead and remove them from the field of battle to prevent their rivals and the government from gaining intelligence on the activities.

According to report which were also appeared on Borderland Beat, Sunday’s gun battles were an internal struggle within the Gulf Cartel.

According to the news report about the vehicle and guns seizures, 30 vehicles were seized, ten of them custom armored civilian vehicles, along with 13 rifles, 5.092 rounds of ammunition, 235 weapons magazines, 13 grenades (presumably 40mm launchable), two grenade launchers, one rocket launcher, one rocket, 11.595 kilograms of marijuana, and personal quantities of powder and crack cocaine.

A total of nine unidentified suspects were also detained.



Knights Templar Leader “El Tio” “Reported” Killed

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March 16, 2013

Note from Chivis: – Excelsior broke this story at noon Friday, Unofficially reporting of more than five people being killed, including soldiers and members of the armed group, revealed a federal government source to Excelsior newspaper. Although the newspaper reported a ‘leader’ was killed, it did not name which leader of Knights Templar died though some blogs are speculating it is Dionisio Plancarte aka el Tio from los Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) see photo below on left. At this point it is conjecture by a couple of narco blogs, as it could very well be a lower level leader my sense is that it is more likely not him than is, but I wanted readers to know what the buzz is but present the information with a big qualifier. Noteworthy is none of the reliable regional media outlets or blogs in Michoacán are reporting the story, they have however reported two clashes in Apatzingan that resulted in deaths.


Morelia, Michoacán, March 15. – An alleged leader “jefe de la plaza” of the cartel group known as Knights Templar, died early Friday after clashing with elements of the Mexican Army in the vicinity of the Alcalde community in the municipality of Apatzingan , Michoacán .
The death toll could exceed 5 between soldiers and members of the armed group , a federal government source reported to Excelsior.
According to police corporations, versions confirmed by state, a convoy of three military vehicles crossed gaps of Tierra Caliente around 2 in the morning and found themselves faced with armed civilians aboard SUV trucks.
They were ordered to disarm but far from obeying the order of the soldiers they fired their weapons, thereby a shootout commenced.
In the conflict men were killed on both sides, so far the death toll has not been given.. Military forces made ​​a strong security operation in the area but have not given details on the facts.




Mexican Army Captures “El Melvin”, Second in Command of Tijuana Cartel.

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March 15, 2013

Mexican Army servicemen apprehended a man identified as Melvin Gutierrez Quiroz aka “El Melvin”, second in command of the Arellano Felix Cartel(CAF), just below Fernando Sanchez Arellano aka “El Ingeniero”, this happened today in an operation in the Juarez suburb in Tijuana.
Gutierrez Quiroz is the one who in February 2012 sent threats against the Zeta magazine editorial staff in Tijuana, and whom at the time was believed to be followed real close by the authorities of both Mexico and USA.
Among the activities “El Melvin” performed was the collection of fees(cobro de piso) to other cartels for crossing drugs through Tijuana to the USA.
The Capture
About 10:00 am this morning, several units of the Mexican Army closed Television Avenue, near a church and a school where elements of the National Defense Ministry(Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional-SEDENA) performed an operation in the Juarez suburb , at first it was mentioned that a kidnapping victim was saved, this versión was later changed when it was confirmed that “El Melvin” was captured.
Gustavo Rivera aka “El P1

Who is “El Melvin”?

Melvin Gutierrez Quiroz began his criminal life with the Tijuana Cartel at the beginning of the 90´s under David Corona Barron aka “El CH”, whom he met in the Logan Heights gang in San Diego, California.
While under Barron’s command he was a hit man for Ramon Arellano Felix until “El CH” died in the ambush against journalist Jesus Blancornelas, director of Zeta Magazine.
When David Barron died “El Melvin” inherited the command of the Logan Heights sicarios working for the Tijuana Cartel, at the time he became part of Gustavo Rivera´s criminal cell, Gustavo Rivera aka “P1” was apprehended in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur after the DEA found him.

After years working for the Tijuana Cartel, “El Melvin”[at left] became a cell leader and at the moment was considered the main enforcer of Fernando Sanchez Arellano.

He controlled the drug shipments that were smuggled in the Otay area and was believed to be the owner of many of the narco-tunnels found there.

In 2011 he was believed to be working alongside Alfredo Arteaga aka “El Aquiles” for the Sinaloa Cartel but this was never confirmed, other versions say that he was in charge of collecting the narco fees from ”El Aquiles” rather than working for him.

Sources used to write this post: Zeta Magazine and AFN



Reynosa: Female Narcos Among Dead in Latest Clash

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March 17, 2013


Perhaps feeling a little pressure into becoming a little quicker on the draw, Tamaulipas authorities released a statement acknowledging the shootout that occurred in Reynosa on Saturday.



In the statement it confirms at least five people were killed in the clash between an armed group and members of the Mexican Army, the statement was released by the Attorney General and the Ministry of Public Security of Tamaulipas.


The clash occurred at the corner of Avenida Mexico City and Washington Street, the colonial Hacienda Las Fuentes.


Among the dead are three men and two women, whose ages ranged from 25 to 30 years old, who have not been identified.
The bodies were found by military elements inside a 2002 sand color Chevrolet Tahoe color, which inside the truck soldiers found several weapons and tactical equipment


Publicado el 16 de marzo de 2013
CD. VICTORIA, Tamaulipas.- La Procuraduría General de Justicia y la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Estado comunican que este sábado 16 de marzo, a las 14:10 horas, en la ciudad de Reynosa se reportó un enfrentamiento entre civiles armados y elementos de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional, con saldo de cinco civiles muertos.
El Agente del Ministerio Público del Fuero Común, en apoyo de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional y la Procuraduría General de la República, se constituyó en el lugar de los hechos para integrar la averiguación previa correspondiente, dando fe que el enfrentamiento se produjo en la avenida Ciudad de México y Washington, de la colonia Hacienda Las Fuentes de esa ciudad fronteriza.
Tres de los civiles muertos son del sexo masculino y dos del sexo femenino, todos de 25 a 30 años, no identificados y presentaban lesiones de proyectiles de arma de fuego en diversas partes del cuerpo. Vestían ropa táctica color negro y portaban fornituras y cinco armas largas.
Los cuerpos de los ahora occisos se localizaron en el interior de una camioneta marca Chevrolet tipo Tahoe, modelo 2002, color arena. Las armas, el equipo táctico y el vehículo fueron asegurados por el Ministerio Público Federal.