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Girls Rescued from Alleged Sex Slavery Ring 100 Miles from Border

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HOUSTON, Texas — A group of four young women were found with 11 men in the desert brush east of Falfurrias, Texas. The rescue of these potential human trafficking victims occurred over 100 miles from the Texas/Mexico border that is supposedly secured by Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers and now, the Texas National Guard. The rescue of these potential victims was accomplished by members of the Border Patrol and Brooks County Sheriff’s Deputies.


The group had been dropped off by smugglers south of the Border Patrol checkpoint located thirteen miles south of the city of Falfurrias. It is estimated the group hiked for at least three days in the 100+ degree heat before being found by law enforcement. Brooks County Deputy Daniel Walden assisted Border Patrol Agents who tracked down the group with the assistance of a Border Patrol helicopter that participated in the search.


Walden is an expert in human trafficking and teaches classes on the subject to police officers across the state of Texas. “These four young women all appeared to be minors,” Walden said. “They were all very attractive young women and appeared to be very typical of those found as victims in human trafficking operations.”

It is not known where the women were from. Nor is it known if they made any outcry statements to Border Patrol agents.

The search for this group was carried on throughout the night and concluded about sunrise when it was determined the entire group had been captured.

“It was a very long march for them,” Walden said. “They walked all the way from south of the checkpoint to Highway 285 east of Falfurrias. That appears to be about a twenty mile hike.”

“They seemed very surprised to see us,” he stated.

Walden is a non-paid deputy with the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office.  He formed a non-profit group called the Border Brotherhood of Texas, a group of certified peace officers who have come to help patrol Brooks County because the county can only afford one paid deputy per shift. These peace officers drive over 100 miles to come work at least two 12-hour shifts per month with no pay. A Facebook page has been set up for the group where readers can learn more about their activities and fund raising efforts. A PayPal account has also be set up for anyone who might to help this battle on the front lines of our illegal immigration and border security battle. While Brooks County is not a border county, the U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint gives Brooks all the problems of a border county with none of the funds border counties receive to help their law enforcement efforts.



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