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El Chayo: buried weaponry cache located and additional death photos

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March 15, 2014


Update 3.16.14: Chayo’s funeral was conducted today at the La Cruz Funeral home, in Altozano, Morelia, Michoacán.  A small group of mourners gathered at the luxury mausoleum in the state capital, including his sister and 3 nieces. I had posted the link to the funeral home directory yesterday, (see hyperlink below).  The website boasts “a private exit”, among other amenities.  Place of burial was not made public.

Four women  retrieve the body of Chayo- the woman front second left is Chayo’s only sister
 Photo of lobby below.
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A hoard of heavy artillery was discovered yesterday in an area El Chayo was known to operate in.  Nazario Moreno González, aka El Chayo, maximum leader of Caballeros Templarios, was killed by federal forces last Sunday.
With intelligence and guidance by the Michoacán Autodefensas, federal forces located the leader in Tumbicastío, a municipality in the sierra mountains.  He was killed in a shootout, in the shootout several of his guards were wounded and taken into custody.
It was information given by detainees that led authorities to an area in Cerro El Negro, Tumbicastío, in search for the weapons buried underground.  Federal forces observed freshly disturbed soil at the location indicated by the detainees, and began digging resulting in the discovery of the cache:
11 rocket launcher

4 grenade launchers

15 guns –one with an engraved Templarios cross-

3 pistols 4 rocket launcher fins

78 magazines

1300 rounds of ammunition of various calibers

 Warning: they are graphic
Looks like there may be yet another illiterate capo

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