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4 Dead after shootout in Rosarito, including 11yr Boy.

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March 17, 2014

UPDATE x3 Updates at bottom of thread. AFN is now reporting one of the guys dead at the attack is a sicario from the cell of Rene Arteaga aka “La Rana” and Alfonso Arteaga aka “El Aquiles”, however several people have contacted me refuting this version. The PGJE Deputy Attorney General in Rosarito gave another press conference were he said Tomas Llamas Garcia was an innocent bystander when the shootout began.
ROSARITO.- Five men are dead after a shootout in the city of Rosarito, Baja California, the shootout took place in the popular area of Los Arenales (sand dunes), according to news reports there are at least ten people who were injured in the attack, some of them remain in grave condition, the injured were taken to hospitals in both Rosarito and Tijuana.
There is no official report on the names of those killed, but unofficial reports claim they all are from Ensenada, Baja California and one of them in the son of a municipal delegate in Ensenada.


According to a report in, a group of armed men arrived in a SUV at Los Arenales initiating the shootout.
Members of the Red Cross arrived at the scene but couldn´t do much for the young men, 3 of them were reported as dead at the scene and others were taken to the hospital were another one died.
Moments after that, a black Jeep crashed against a Taxi on the Benito Juarez blvd., the occupants of the Jeep were driving under the influence and speeding through traffic prompting a police chase, they were trying to help one of the injured in the attack, the young man was declared dead when the paramedics arrived at the scene.
A big police operation was underway at the moment of this writing covering all the way from Los Arenales to Tijuana. There are no official reports of arrests but press reports mention 3 men were held inside a patrol car yelling they were innocent.

Just yesterday another man identified as Alfonso Eleazar Echeverría Hernández was executed outside of his home in the Lienzo Charro area, witness reports claim 3 men arrived at Echeverria´s home and when he opened the door, the men shot him in the head. When the police agents arrived at the scene, they found a man lying on the floor face down with two gunshot wounds on the head, Echeverria died hours later at a hospital in Tijuana were he was taken.

Another victim of the shootout.
Right now there are conflicting reports about what happened last night, what is known is that a 11 year old boy is among the fatal victims and the fact that the weapons used included AK47´s and AR-15 rifles, one of the guns was found in the sand by the agents conducting the investigation. Some reports claim the dead man inside the Jeep was in fact driving away trying to get help at a hospital when he died behind the wheels, this has not been confirmed thou.
The State´s Deputy Attorney General in Rosarito, Jesus Antonio Chavez Hoyos gave a press conference today, he said there where only 3 fatal victims including the 11yr old boy,  and 7 injured, contradicting the Municipal police who claimed there were 4 victims and initial press reports claiming “at least 5 victims”. Chavez Hoyos mentioned they already know the names of the victims but are keeping them secret in order not to disturb the investigations. Among the victims, there are members of a Norteño band who were playing in a party at the beach at the moment of the shootout, the 11yr old boy was part of the band, his father is one of the injured and is expected to fully recover. According to the official statement, one guy arrived at the scene driving a Ford Explorer of Jeep Cherokee and began shooting at one of the victims who apparently was the target of the attack. Rosarito´s Police director was at the press conference, he refused to give any info regarding the gun recovered at the scene mentioning they don´t know if it had anything to do with the attack. Regarding the man inside the black Jeep who crashed against a taxi in downton Rosarito, authorities refused to give more info, all they said is the army personnel at the Popotla checkpoint notified them of said car. (Tijuano: In order to get to downtown Rosarito from Los Arenales you have to drive through a military checkpoint located in Popotla, I don´t know why the military didn´t stop the vehicle if they noticed something suspicious)
UPDATE X3 Initially it was reported that Tomas Llamas Garcia was in fact Eloy Espinoza Ramos, a hitman for “El Aquiles”, today, after a press conference by the PGJE, it was denied Tomas Llamas had any relationship with cartels and was identified as a innocent victim of a vendetta between cartel cells. The following text is the translation of the article published by AFN claiming Tomas Llamas was part of CDS.
Rosarito BC March 17, 2014 ( AFN)-. One of the men killed last night after the attack on “Los Arenales” in Rosarito Beach was identified by a “source” as an hitmen working for Alfonso Arzate Arteaga alias “El Aquiles” and his brother René alias “La Rana”. This has not been  confirmed yet with authorities They say It is the individual who was found aboard a Jeep Rubicon with California plates outside the hotel “Don Luis” located in Boulevard Benito Juárez and who was identified by authorities as Tomás García Llamas. The “source” said the man who was hit by a gunshot in the abdomen is not Tomas Garcia his real name is Eloy Espinoza Ramos, who together with a group of criminals would have been commissioned to do the “setting of scores” for the group of Arteaga Arzate . According to official versions this guy arrived to the party venue and shot against the group meeting at that site; it is believed he was fatally wounded instead, since this morning municipal police discovered another weapon abandoned in the area . The same source mentioned that the now deceased and his accomplices have been responsible , among others, for the execution of Tijuana police agent Carlos Enrique Gavarain Rebollar which took place on January 13th in the Yamilé neighborhood located in the delegation of La Mesa, Gavarain was formerly the Chief of Special Forces of Tijuana but when crime ocurred he was working within the “troops” as it was investigated by a presumed crime of rape against accused a young student of the Institute of Technology of Tijuana ( ITT )
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