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Mex Goverment shields the truth: it was autodefensas that led forces to Chayo

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March 11, 2014

The government makes no mention of autodefensas  in press conferences, why do they fear the public knowing the truth?  And why are reporters not inquiring about the role of the autodefensas in the capture of Nazario Moreno aka “El Chayo”?

Sequence of events

On February 27th, I wrote: 11AM Breaking News: I have just been informed, an hour ago they have located El Chayo at his ranch in la sierra de Tumbicastío….(I was told later that day they missed him by 20 minutes)
On March 1st,” I wrote of a concentration of an  elite team of federal forces, from Arteaga to Tumbicastío.  Bringing with them satellite equipment, heavy artillery and tanks.
For their part autodefensa teams have accompanied Special Forces, utilized as guides, as they advance to Tumbicastío, and have stationed in points encircling the mountain range (to prevent escape).”
On March 1stDr Mireles, stated to reporters, that with their  joint action with the Special federal forces, they  are close to capturing in Nazario Moreno González, aka “El Chayo” and with luck, also Servando Gomez, aka “La Tuta “.
On March 3rd, there was yet another near capture of Chayo by autodefensas at Chayo’s ranch in Guanajuatillo, Apatzingán. The “safe”ranch is a self-contained, fully functioning ranch, using solar panels for energy, computers and sophisticated communication equipment.
On March 7th, Autodefensas gained direct knowledge that one of Chayo’s brothers had left the Infiernillo community of the  Arteaga municipality, and was headed to Lázaro Cárdenas.
Autodefensas relayed this information to federal authorities, who with the information were able to zero in on the brother and apprehend him.
That made the third brother of Chayo apprehended since February 8th. ( There are 11 known siblings of Chayo).
The brother of the March 7th apprehension is believed to be the source of information of the huge birthday party being held for Chayo, pinpointing his location for that time frame.
March 9th “ Autodefensas and federal forces closed in on Chayo and a couple of dozen of his gunmen, at another one of his farms in the community of Naranjo de Chila, of Aguililla municipality.
Autodefensas formed the fence surrounding the ranch, protecting against another Chayo escape. He did try to escape in truck, by accessing a dirt road that leads to Tumbicastío.
At 10AM  Chayo refused the command to surrender instead answering with gunfire, initiating the shootout that left the Caballeros Templarios maximum leader dead.    His gunmen were killed, wounded or fled.
Shame on the government to withhold the truth
For the government to ignore the assistance of autodefensas, is not surprising but reprehensible nonetheless. Without the guidance, sources, intel of the autodefensas Chayo would not have been located.
For years Michoacana had to survive in the grip of terror by cartels.  With a state government in bed with narcos, and a federal government who deemed the good people of Michoacán unworthy of their intervention.
Federal forces were forced to intervene because of autodefensas.  Forced to search for narcos because of autodefensas.  If a year ago February, had not a group of men sharing a meal, right then and there decided, “no more”, we will pick up arms and defend our communities, if that had never happened, the rapes, killings, disappearances, dismemberments, extortions would continue, and Chayo would still  be in his white robe atop his white horse, riding free in the sierras.
In the past government forces have forged into the mountains of the sierra in search for La Tuta and other Templarios, and failed.  This was largely due to their inexperience of maneuvering the sierras, this gives Templarios a huge advantage and time for escape.  Many autodefensas themselves live in the sierras, they are as skilled as Templarios trekking off  roads.
For weeks autodefensas have been an integral part of the search operation.  At least 300 members, on rotating 3 day shifts.  We were told of the near misses, we were told they were closing in, we were told Chayo would be captured.  All came to pass.
Next Target
La Tuta, he  will be more difficult to capture but he is the next target of autodefensas.  He surrounds himself with 60 or more guards.  As with Chayo, autodefensas will create a human barrier  encircling Tuta in Arteaga.
Reports are that Tuta is very concerned, to put it mildly, that he will be captured.  One wonders why he has remained in the sierras.  I would be surprised if he went out with his gun blazing, given the choice of surrender or death, my money is on his surrender.
Dr Mireles says they will stay until Tuta and the others are captured, already zeroing in on “El Tucan”, in addition to Tuta.
He says Tuta will be captured or killed.
And I believe him.

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