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El Chayo Killed

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Update: A few minutes ago the press office of the Interior Ministry (SG) confirmed a few minutes ago  the announcement of the death Nazario Moreno, alias El Chayo, early Sunday in the town of Tumbicastio.  He referenced the reported death of the capo in 2010, but said the body was missing.  (Since then towns people and autodefensas reported to the government that he was in fact alive.) Also reported was that armed forces located Chayo who initiated a shootout confrontation which ultimately resulted in his death.  Fingerprints were used to identify the capo, but DNA studies are also being conducted.  The government credits their intelligence for the capture and gave no credit to the autodefensas that have been directing them to Chayo for over a year, and 300 of them were scouts for the operation that located Chayo.

Although, the government will take all the credit, it was in fact autodefensas who not only directed the forces to Chayo, who  was celebrating his birthday, but it was autodefensas who identified the dead man as Chayo.  Autodefensas had reported two years ago Chayo had plastic surgery that included his face and chin.
Chayo’s body under guard
Earlier: Reports are circulating  that a man was killed in the mountains of Michoacán, who is identified as Nazario Moreno González, aka El Chayo, premier leader of Caballeros Templarios,  tests are being conducted to confirm identification.
The killing took place today in Tumbicastio, the area I wrote about on March 2,  regarding an intensive search with autodefensas and federal forces combing the area, in search of El Chayo and La Tuta, premier leaders of Caballeros Templarios.  This report followed my report from March 1, that autodefensas had located Chayo at a ranch used as a safe house in Tumbicastio.  Other reports indicate it was in Aguililla, which is adjacent to Tumbicastio.
The Mexican Marina (navy) were involved in the clash that resulted in the death,  absolute confirmation is pending…
The government claimed to have killed Chayo in 2010 in a massive shootout in the sierras of Michoacán. Father Goyo confirms the death as being El Chayo, and that he was killed in a shootout in Tumbicastio. It is reported that DNA was taken from Chayo’s brother, arrested on February 18, 2014 and is  is being compared to the man killed. Autodefensas  leaders confirm it is Chayo…

Chayo is the author of the code “of ethics” for La Familia Michoacana, the organization of which he founded and operated before is supposed death in 2010. Templarios were a LFM splinter group formed after his “2010 ”death”.

Chayo teaches; torture and death of his opponents is “divine justice.” The criminal organization recruited its members from drug rehabilitation centers and asked them to stay away from vices and protect “the family unit”.

In the city of Apatzingán considered stronghold of the Caballeros Templarios, and Chayo  is considered by many there a saint and the cartel, a form of religion.

The mayor of Apatzingán, Uriel Chavez, is the nephew of the now deceased “El Chayo”.

Using the name of the famous Catholic order from the medieval Crusades, Mexico’s Caballeros Templarios ( Knights Templar) began as a cult-like splinter group of the feuding La Familia Michoacána drug cartel….continues on following page..

The split derived from and internal struggle between Jesús Méndez Vargas, “El Chango Méndez” who moved to take control of La Familia Michoacana. This enraged Plancarte Enrique “Kike” and Servando Gómez Martínez “La Tuta” who decided to form their own organization, and the majority of the group followed.
Below is a map I created and posted at the end of February
Below is one of the 2010 “death” photos of Chayo. Unseen is the massive leg and groin wound he sustained, which is evident in another photo (I am looking for) It will be interesting how the government reconciles the fact he was listed as killed in 2010  and was not even on the wanted list.  Although the 2010 reported death was during the Calderon administration, the Peña administration continued the fallacy, and never denounced it, in spite of  the autodefensas federation insistence that  he was alive.
However, on March 4th, journalist Carlos Loret de Mola reported that “government sources” revealed it had 2 recent photos of Chayo and that he is alive.  Other reports offer the leader usually wears all white and rides a white horse through the sierras, appearing as the mythical character he is thought to be by some.
There were reports that Chayo had undergone plastic surgery
Code of “ethics” written by Chayo in 2006, for the La Familia Michoacana cartel. (Spanish)

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