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El Chayo confirmed killed

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March 9, 2014

After members of the Army   asked Nazario Moreno to surrender, the Templario leader responded by attacking them, which is why, in responding to the attack, the criminal was killed.
After it was disclosed this Sunday that Nazario Moreno, aka “El Chayo”, was alleged to have been killed by federal forces, the Mexican Office of Attorney General (PGR: Procuraduria General de la Republica)  confirmed the information this afternoon, confirming that the Templario leader was fully identified through his fingerprints, (which were) compared with his voter’s credentials and his military service identification.

This is what Tomas Ceron, chief of the PGR Criminal Investigation Agency, stated in a press conference. He added that DNA tests will be performed on Moreno’s body, as well as physiological identification, the results of which will be disclosed soon.
With that, reports that Moreno was killed in 2010 a confrontation with Federal Police in Michoacan are officially discarded.
With this, the Federal government has delivered the greatest blow against the criminal organization of “Los Caballeros Templarios”, because he was the founder and indoctrinator for the cartel.
For his part, in the same press conference, Monte Alejandro Rubio, Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System (SNSP; Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica) explained that Moreno’s location, 8 miles from Tumbiscatio, was the result of intelligence reports from Mexican agencies.
He also explained that, this Sunday, in the early hours, members of the Army and the Navy found Moreno and asked him to surrender, but he responded with gunfire, after which the military troops responded to the attack, in which the criminal was finally killed.

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