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Apatzingán Michoacán: murdered family of 13 located in narco fosa

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March 5, 2014


Autodefensa advocate, Catholic priest known as Padre Goyo, reported a dozen bodies were discovered in Apatzingán Michoacán fosa  yesterday.
Goyo said the 12 executed people were of the same family, including children, that were murdered by the Caballeros Templarios cartel.
The narco fosas (clandestine grave) was in the community of “El Alcalde”, town of Apatzingán.
An anonymous tip alerted authorities, which led to the location of the grave.
Later today authorities asserted that the number of bodies found was  thirteen and not twelve. Victims were 9 adults, the eldest being a female 68 years of age and four children.  The children ranged in ages of 13 months to 15 years.

Identification was found in the clothing of some of the victims.

The group was kidnapped last August, and no information surfaced of their whereabouts, until the anonymous call disclosed the location of the clandestine grave. It is being reported that the patriarch of the family had joined the autodefensas movement in Apatzingán, which in August was still in its infancy, in the Templarios stronghold .  The family was kidnapped from their home, bounded, and transported to a hilly area away from the city where they were tortured, raped and killed.
Today, there was an arrest of a man, who was identified by relatives of the victims as a participant on the mass kidnap and murder “surge”. Father Goyo is accusing the mayor of Apatzingán, who is the nephew of El Chayo one of the maximum leaders of Templarios, of being complicit in the narconappings in Apatzingán.
UPDATE:  Although a few versions have surfaced of this story, the essential facts remain the same. However,  other reports say the family was taken in October, and that remains of  3 month old baby was found along side his mother in the fosa.
Another report states the arrested man was part of a group of  CT killers/ kidnappers that kidnapped several families, this was the first family whose remains were found.  The arrested man says he hid by infiltrating AD for a couple of months.  Reports of AD giving the information leading to the fossa, information they became aware of when citizens came forth and provided information about the infiltrator.
Father Goyo:  Has decided to take a break from the autodefensas struggle.  He is leaving to Rome.

Father Goyo, the usually tough priest, breaks down in an interview
Agencia Esquema and facebook were used to write this post.

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