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Tumbicastío, Michoacán Autodefensas and Special Forces: Closing in on El Chayo and La Tuta

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March 2, 2014

The Hunt for Chayo and La Tuta
I  reported on Friday that Chayo was located at a specific ranch in Tumbicastio, Michoacán .
After being reinstated as spokesman and leader for Tepalcatepec autodefensas, Dr Mireles was ratified as equal spokesman and leader of the autodefensas general council with Hipolito Mora and Papa Smurf.  Presently, that is the status of Dr. Mireles.
On Friday there occurred a meeting between autodefensas and the Feds.
Autodefensas have agreed to not engage in advancement of large cities, at this time.  Feds have agreed to send an elite team of Special Forces and satellite tracing equipment to the location of the discovery of Chayo.  La Tuta is also in that area.
Tumbicastío, an extremely remote area, with problematic accessibility, it is located high in the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains at an elevation of 12, 600 ft.  Because having only two dirt mountain roads accessing Tumbicastío, people of the sierras have learned to use steep, treacherous access pathways to maneuver in and out of mountain roadway.
Dr . Mireles speaking to the crowd (Comunitario Octavio’s foto)
The dirt roads are no picnic in of themselves.  Snaking through the Sierra requires knowledge of the area or an abundance of time.  This plays in favor of Caballeros Templarios who navigate the escape routes quickly permitting escape.
Due to the lack of knowledge in navigating the mountains, Federal forces have been stopped in their tracks, after  receiving information to the location of key Templarios leaders, namely Chayo and La Tuta.
Since Friday, the concentration of federal forces has been Tumbiscatío to Arteaga.  Bringing with them satellite equipment, heavy artillery and tanks.  For their part AD teams have accompanied Special Forces as they advance in to Tumbiscatio, and have stationed in points encircling the mountain range.
Publically today, Dr. Mireles stated to reporters, that with their joint action with the Special federal forces, they are close to capturing in Nazario Moreno González, aka “El Chayo” and with luck, also Servando Gomez, aka “La Tuta “.
Dr. Mireles shared with reporters, including El Universal:
“We are close to some leaders, “El Chayo”, was on a ranch near Tumbiscatío” reports José Manuel Mireles….
But here at Borderland Beat readers already knew that “news” from our “source”.
Dr. Mireles Calls for the Ouster of Infiltrators
Dr. Mireles visited several communities today in an autodefensa caravan, reminiscent of his life prior to the airplane crash that left him in critical condition.  He is partially paralyzed and blinded in one eye.  Although he appears to have decided to forego his last two weeks of therapy, he seems rejuvenated from just a week ago, and appears stronger.
He visited the site of the Los Reyes killings of 5 unarmed autodefensas, killed when Templarios open fired from rooftops.  Dr. Mireles, spoke to the crowd, had a moment of silence and left a bouquet of flowers on the black and white checkerboard tiled walkway where those killed fell.
A part of his message today to the crowds, was to not be afraid to give information about infiltrators that wear the shirts of autodefensas, but who are criminal infiltrators.

Tomorrow Autodefensas will oust Apatzingán’s Mayor Uriel Chávez
(El Chayo’s nephew)

Autodefensas report that tomorrow mayor Uriel Chávez will be removed from office.  He is charged as operating under the direction of Caballeros Templarios.  A new city council has been selected.


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