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Federal officers seize meth load at bridge

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February 28, 2014


Federal officers said they found 96 pounds of methamphetamine during an inspection of a vehicle this week at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge.
The case resulted in the arrest of the driver and the estimated value for the seized alleged narcotics is listed at approximately $3 million.
The seizure occurred Tuesday at the bridge when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers encountered a 2007 Ford F-150 driven by a 47-year-old U.S. citizen from Pelham, Ala.
CBP officers referred the man to secondary inspection. At secondary, CBP officers said they discovered a bulk container containing alleged meth within the pickup. The container and its contents of alleged crystal meth weighed in at about 96 pounds.
CBP officers seized the alleged narcotics and the vehicle. CBP officers also arrested the driver and turned him over to Homeland Security Investigations special agents for further investigation.
“CBP officers continually have to be vigilant and observant for the ever-changing means by which would-be smugglers attempt to bring illegal narcotics into the U.S. Their task is not simple but the assistance of the use of non-intrusive imaging systems, makes finding loads like this possible,” said Jose R. Uribe, acting port director of the Laredo Port of Entry. “Although seizing contraband is a by-product of CBP’s primary anti-terrorism mission, the result of intercepting drugs that could ultimately reach the streets of our community, deserves a hearty job well done.”

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