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Michoacán: “EL Pantera” of Caballeros Templarios Killed

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February 27, 2014

“El Pantera” is one of the Caballeros Templarios leaders, identified by the autodefensas council.
Today in Arteaga Michoacán, members of the Federal Police, shot and killed  Francisco Nuñez Galeana alias “El Pantera”.  Nuñez was  one of the most sought after Caballeros Templarios lieutenants in the state of Michoacán.
The incident occurred at kilometer 190 of Lazaro Cardenas-Nueva Italia highway, while the soldiers of the National Security (CNS), carried out an operation to locate him.
A chase ensued when the driver of the late model gray Frontier truck, ignored orders to stop, instead the occupants began  firing at the police convoy and also used fragmentation grenades.
Federal forces had been tracking “The Panther”, through intelligence activities for weeks.  In the truck and also killed, was an unidentified woman  and another male subject.
After the confrontation, the elements of the CNS, confiscated the vehicle, two grenade launchers, two rifles, grenades and hundreds of rounds of ammunition of different calibers. Note from Chivis: while it is being reported that Nuñez is one of the autodefensas listed infamous 7, I don’t recall that, I will take a look at the videos tomorrow and do some digging.  I do recall Dr Mireles speaking about Nuñez as being of the most violent enemies of Michoacana, but can’t say 100% he was on the list of seven…a bastard none the less…and this is a good thing for Michoacán. Facebook and MiMorelia sources used for this post.

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