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News of Chapo Arrest

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February 22, 2014

Update: The alleged picture of the capture of El Chapo below.

News have started circulating about the arrest of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. I started to received some Tweets early in the morning, but it seems like most major media nertworks are now starting to report the alleged arrest of the Sinaloa cartel top capo.

Resort Miramar in Mazatlan.

The capo of the Mexican drug Sinaloa cartel Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was alleged to have been arrested in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, in the resort called “Miramar,” Mexican authorities apparently confirmed to the newspaper El Universal.

Few details were available. But Guzman has long been considered the top prize and most elusive figure in an extensive, ongoing drug war that has left tens of thousands of Mexicans dead.
Guzman led the Sinaloa cartel, the most powerful, richest and oldest of the drug-trafficking networks in Mexico. The group is responsible for the shipment of tons of cocaine and marijuana to the U.S.

Possible picture of El Chapo after his arrest, thanks to Chivis for the collaboration and find.
This alleged apprehension happened overnight at a hotel in Mazatlan by Mexican authorities and in cooperation from the United States as reported by Associated Press on Saturday, who after reporting the news is now making it’s rounds around news outlets.
Guzman was arrested in a hotel in Mazatlan and was immediately transported to Mexico City where they will verify his identity through fingerprints, DNA and teeth. If found to be el capo,  Mexican authorities will then have the task of attempting to sort out El Chapo’s legal status and decide on the request from U.S. government for his extradition to be judicated in that country, according to U.S. government officials statements provided to another US media source.
A senior U.S. official said Guzman was apprehended alive in Mazatlan a seaside resort on the Pacific coast. No shots were fired in the capture, a source said, which was based on information from an informant.
The official, who was not authorized to speak about the arrest, gave information on the condition of anonymity.
Mexican authorities confirmed to the newspaper El Universal that a person was arrested in Sinaloa that could be El Chapo and they are in the process of verifying his identity.
In recent days, the Mexican marines have been raiding numerous properties in Sinaloa belonging to close associates of Guzman.
Guzman was arrested in Guatemala in 1993 but escaped from prison in 2001 and has been on the lam ever since.
Stay tune for more information on the matter, I am certain BB will follow up on this event and report on any additional information as it becomes available.





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