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El Chapos sons communicate through Twitter, “awaiting orders”

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February 23, 2014

Do not deny that I cried, men also mourn what we love most,
God bless you father.”
On  twitter accounts, allegedly belonging to Ivan Achicaldo and Alfredo Guzman, sons of El Chapo, the two  expressed their thoughts regarding the apprehension of their father, along with a couple of promises to settle accounts with those who are responsible for his capture.
Both indicate that they are waiting  for “orders”.
The Twitter pages found  at @ IvanArchivaldo and @ _AlfredoGuzman_ Chapo’s sons express their anger, grief, and their eagerness for revenge.
Perhaps an apology from them to their father is in order, since authorities gleaned photographs and information from their social networks pages  to assist in the capture.
@ _AlfredoGuzman_ has published the following messages:
“This is not the end”
“My father has not perished, the Guzman era is just beginning”
“I just want to communicate that we are not losers, the cartel is my father’s and will always be. GUZMAN LOERA FOREVER”
“and we are children of the Chapo, not like those fucking accounts that boast, we are humble like my father”
“For my father, whatever will be, will be but no one is going to help as my father helped, I’m going to hold accountable those who should and will pay .”
“The word is always the word, you should learn it because it is worth more than a signature.”
“Do not deny that I cried, also men mourn what we love most, God bless you father.”
‘One does not appreciate what you have until you don’t have it”
@IvanArchivaldo has published the following messages:
“Awaiting orders, a big hug to my father” (retweeted by Alfredo)
“My father’s words… “He who is not brave enough to take risks, is not going to achieve anything in life” (( @ElChap0Guzman)
@ElChap0Guzman the twitter page reportedly belonging to Chapo,
On this page there is a mix of tweets, from the romantic, the poetic, animal and child advocacy,  he laughs at Miley Cyrus and refers to the hanged alleged Zetas in Nuevo Laredo as “piñatas”.
In one  tweet, he posts a graphic foto of a bullfighter as he is having his eye gorged  by the bull’s  horn, in a complete impalement of the eye socket.  His  tweet refers to it as “Karma”.
In another he depicts a foto of a La Tuna “welcome” sign, he writes how “at ease” he is while at his ranch.
One tweet was a photograph of a child “orange vendor”.  Chapo’s caption:
“When he was a child he had no limits. He who perseveres, achieves” Chapo himself  was an orange vendor as a child.  (click any image to enlarge)

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