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Rain uncovers the bodies

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February 18, 2014


GOMEZ FARIAS, Tamaulipas.– Since Wednesday, February 12, PGR forensic investigators have been working in a clandestine narco-gravesite discovered on January 31 on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Oriental (Eastern Sierra Madre Mountain Range), specifically, in a high altitude location known as Sierra de Cucharas (Cucharas Mountain). At this time, they have located 30 bodies.

The area is part of the Alfredo V. Bonfil ejido (communal land township), in the Gomez Farias Municipio (county). There were also about 10 oil drums containing human remains found there. A spokesperson for the state government, who asked that his name not be mentioned, explains that, “the Zetas, under the command of local commander Enrique Santillan, would execute, incinerate and bury their victims there.”
Those deposits of cadavers were uncovered after torrential rains at the end of last year. Based on the reports from the area inhabitants, it is believed that there are more clandestine burials, with possibly more than 80 bodies.
The area is forested and difficult to reach, in a pasture in the Bonfil ejido where the sicarios kept their victims hidden. The narco gravesite was discovered by soldiers from the 75th Infantry Battalion based in Ciudad Mante, who searched the zone after they received an anonymous tip.
They returned later with Lorena Cabrera, the agent of the Public Ministry of Local Jurisdiction, and investigators. The soldiers also informed Federal authorities, and on Tuesday, February 12, Federal Ministerio Publico agent Dora Garcia Loera went to the site and inspected the place with PGR investigators. The Army provided protection.
The source adds that the military personnel are also involved in the search for human remains in clandestine graves located in the Xicotencatl municipality, where 25 persons were allegedly buried.
Last year, residents in the Mante, Gomez Farias and Xicotencatl area denounced the disappearance of more than 200 persons and warned that Los Zetas are murdering owners of ranches, busineeses and homes to take their properties.
Some residents point out that some weeks ago, there was a clandestine grave located in Xicotencatl containing more than 60 bodies, but the state government reported only six bodies.
They say that the Zetas routinely place roadblocks on several highways, among them the ones that go to Ciudad Mante, to kidnap drivers. In view of the danger, authorities in the neighboring state of San Luis Potosi have urged their citizens not to travel there.
On Thursday night, (February) 13, in the ejido community of Graciano Sanchez, in San Carlos, on the northern side of the Padilla municipality, another clandestine grave was found containing six bodies. Later, soldiers patrolling that area were attacked by armed organized crime group and responded to the gunfire.
The fight left an alleged criminal dead and several detainees, plus three vehicles were seized.

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