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La Barbie Loses His Fight Against Extradition

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February 14, 2014

Mexican authorities are in a position to deliver the drug trafficker to the U.S.
Judges of the First Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters, in the State of Mexico, confirmed the decision of a judge denying relief to alleged drug trafficker Edgar Valdez Villarreal, aka “La Barbie” against his international extradition which was authorized in 2011.
The court upheld, on review, the judgment of the Third District Court of Amparo, issued on September 17th 2013..
Valdez, born in Laredo, Texas, in 1973, sought to fight the agreement by which the Mexican government granted his international extradition to the United States on January 2011, however the judge and the judges found no constitutional violations as claimed by Valdez’ filings.
The judgment of judicial review results, makes it now possible, for national authorities to deliver Valdez,  to the Federal District Court of Louisiana where he is charged with conspiracy and trafficking  of more than five kilograms of cocaine.
Edgar Valdez Villarreal was arrested in August 2010 noted as one of the main operators cartel Beltran Leyva Organization and is currently being held at the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation (Cefereso) No. 1 “Altiplano”, in the State of Mexico.

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