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February 8, 2014

A story out of Piedras Negras, where a “Miss Fitness Coahuila” was executed, it is not fresh it is over a week old, but I took another look at the message and decided to post it. “if the authorities won’t do anything, we will…”
PIEDRAS NEGRAS, Mexico -The bodies of two men were found dumped Tuesday evening outside La Villa de Fuente cemetery in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico.
Law-enforcement officials said the bodies were found shot execution-style by the front gates of the cemetery located on Revillagigedo St., about a block away from República Boulevard.
Two written messages were found next to each corpse alleging the victims were involved in the killing of Titanium Gym owner Martha Adriana Sandoval Morales late last week, officials said.
“This happened to me for messing with the lady from the gym and for being a rat [sic],” said one of the messages. “This goes for all the rats… if the authorities won’t do anything, we will,” said the other one.
Sandoval Morales, 29, was found brutally murdered Saturday afternoon. Police say she suffered a total 19 stab wounds to her chest and neck area.
The bodies found Tuesday have not been identified.

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