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Los Reyes Michoacán : 4 Decapitated Heads Found near Clandestine Grave Site with 20 bodies

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February 6, 2014

Zacán, Michoacán

The routine life in the village of Zacán was disrupted early today when people, returning from a wake, discovered a black plastic bag containing four human heads.  The victims are from the indigenous community of La Palma and the municipal of Los Reyes.
The macabre discovery took place around four in the morning, but it wasn’t until over four hours later, at 8:30 AM, when the agent of the public prosecutor arrived; his dilatory arrival was much to the dismay of residents.
On a small terrace, next to the Church of San Pedro, was the location of the plastic bag. One of the heads was identified as belonging to Bulmaro Herrera Rincón, 55 years of age, native and resident  of La Palma.
The other decapitated heads belong to brothers Alejandro and Noe Alvarez Gonzalez, 22 and 24 years of age, respectively, as well as Juan “N” of 22 years of age, all are residents of Los Reyes.
A son of señor Bulmaro, told authorities, the four victims had left La Palma early Tuesday morning, aboard a blue Chevrolet pickup destined for the community of Cocucho, in the municipality of Charapan.  The men were going to purchase a calf , to be used for food at the “Feast of the Virgin of the Nativity”.
Since then, there had not been any communication to family or friends by the men.  This resulted in the family, together with other residents, initiating  a search for the men.  The search continued until this morning when the residents of  Zacán reported finding the four heads.
A message was found with the victims, but its contents were not disclosed, but authorities attributed it to organized crime..
Residents of La Palma report that this type of crime has never occurred in their community, and that the community does not have the problems found in other communities.
20 bodies discovered so far at Tingüindín fosa
However, it is not far from  Tingüindín, where yesterday security forces discovered a mass graves containing at least 20 bodies.
Autodefensas leader Estanislao Beltran, warned that they will continue to find more graves.
“This will be happening as we move forward. Criminals are murderers who kidnapped our colleagues,” he said in a radio interview with Ciro Gomez Leyva.
“We have lost hundreds or thousands of people that have not yet been found.
The community is not self-governed or self-policed.
This post was written by using information on autodefensas facebook pages

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