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Guerrero Businessman Accuses Mayor of Narco Complicity, an Hour Later His Vehicle Comes Under Fire, Killing1

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January 31, 2014

“The SUV we were traveling received over 100 impacts of high-powered weapons. It was a well-planned attack. “
On the night of January 28, Pioquinto Damian Huato, a prominent businessman in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, was traveling with his family aboard a van Honda Pilot, when they were intercepted by an armed group that open fired on them  them with R-15 rifles.
Killed instantly was Damian Huato’s daughter in law, Laura Rosas Cebrito, 28, the wife of his son Walter Damián Bautista.
“Everyone else miraculously left unharmed, although the SUV we were traveling received over 100 impacts of high-powered weapons.”
It was a carefully planned attack, we were attacked  from the left side, the back and the right side, where the first truck, without stopping, blasted us with machine gun fire, the second, attacked with two types of weapons.
They were “catastrophic seconds” described Damian Huato.
Damian Huato, the president of the National Chamber of Commerce, holds  Mario Moreno Arcos , PRI Mayor of Chilpancingo, as responsible for the attack, along with his brother Ricardo Moreno Arcos, Director of the Municipal Government.
“Mario Moreno Arcos If you really want to assist in the investigation, you should take a leave of your position and allow the investigation of the case to be conducted openly and ​​freely ” challenged Damian Huato, who wants the attorney general’s office to take over the investigation.
Damian Huato standing
In August Damian Huato had publically denounced the police department, in Chilpancingo.  He said they worked for narcos and accusing the police of kidnapping people on behalf of a criminal group, who decided victims fate, either ” killing , beating or asking for money from families in exchange for their release. “
He further asserted that flagrant impunity was rampant against crime operating in the capital where drug gangs have terrorized society with murders, kidnappings and extortions committed every day, and a fleet of over 200 ‘narcotaxis’ operating in the city.   The narcotaxis are unregulated taxis,  which act as lookouts for cartels.  They have been accused of sexual assaults against women, robberies, kidnappings  and murders of  passengers.
The businessman condemned Mayor Moreno Arcos, for allowing organized crime to operate freely, and accused the mayor of being directly connected to organized crime.  “Los Rojos” is reported as the cartel operating in the city.
“Los Rojos” is a remnant of the Beltran Leyva Cartel operating in the Central, Mountain and part of the Sierra under the protective mantle of authorities of the three levels of government, according to official reports.
The leader of this gang is identified with the name Leonor Nava Romero, “La Garra” or “El Tigre”, (left) who was arrested in the town of Zumpango during a military operation and transferred to the maximum security prison in Tamaulipas, charged with crimes of murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking.
However, two months later, a federal judge freed the criminal leader, after the deposit payment of amount of 13,238 pesos (apx 1300USD), in a court ruling issued on 10 November by the First District judge, in criminal proceedings based in Tamaulipas.
“La Garra” took command of the cartel after the execution of his brother Jose Nava Romero, “Don Che”, (left)  who was killed inside a cock fighting arena, at dawn on June 16 in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla.
Damian Huato says the state faces a crime wave like that in neighboring Michoacán, where the Caballeros Templarios drug cartel has instituted a reign of terror.
“Thanks to Mario Moreno Arcos, the criminal model of Michoacán has taken root in Chilpancingo” Damian Huato told MVS radio.
The Templarios’ main business is supplying crystal meth and other synthetic drugs to the U.S. market, the group has diversifications in extortion and kidnapping for ransom.

It was exasperation resulting from Caballeros Templarios crimes and the lack of response from authorities, that drove Michoacán communities into forming a autodefensas union in February 2013.
Autodefensas are also being organized in Guerrero, and in other states compelled by the success of the Michoacán group.
Damian Huato was wounded Tuesday in the attack, so to his son, as they, along with his daughter-in-law Laura Rose Cebrito, were traveling through Chilpancingo, only Cebrito died.
The attack came an hour after Damian Huato confronted Mayor Arcos at a public event, accusing the city’s top official of ties to organized crime.
Damian Huato accuses the mayor of being behind the shooting.
“I am only a spokesman, a channel, to express the deep unhappiness there is against the complicity of this gentleman,” he said Thursday, referring to the mayor.
“Business owners in Chilpancingo have been driven to desperation by the municipal government’s collusion with criminal organizations.”

“City hall is full of killers-for-hire” said Damien Huato
Sources used to write this post: LibertadGuerrero-SDP-Proceso

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