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Human Rights Commission “Authority has Abandoned Michoacán”-AD Groups Organize in Other States

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January 24, 2014

“The self-defense groups would have no reason to exist. If the government would fulfill their duty of providing security…”  CNDH
The human rights commission has issued a notice of their findings after investigation of the Tierra Caliente region of conflict in Michoacán.  See letter below.
In a  statement the commission announced that the CNDH remain in Michoacán the time needed until the authorities do their job and “be achieved restore public security, peace and tranquility”.

(translated from Spanish)

The National Ombudsman, Dr. Raúl Plascencia Villanueva, offered favored full support and ability of the National Commission of Human Rights  to the limit of its powers, to join the Michoacana community, that has suffered double or triple victimization, violated  by Organized Crime, and the authority that has forsaken them and who has on occasion arrested unfairly.
I Announce that the NHRC will remain in Michoacán, for as much time as needed, until the authority conducts its work, in until public safety, peace and tranquility is achieved and to bring to justice those responsible for the violence.

During a tour of two days by different communities of Tierra Caliente, Dr. Plascencia Villanueva held Meetings with victims of the prevailing violence, who reiterated that there is no justification for authorities ignore the population and let it drift, exposed to crime.

The President of the CNDH heard the testimonies of:
Housewives, farmers, traders, laborers companies and “autodefensas forces”, who all freely denounced the neglect and inaction of the authorities.
The citizens asked to help secure the release of jailed relatives and friends, imprisoned for the carrying of arms, which, are needed to defend themselves against criminals.
He said the NHRC shall grant that request which will require a careful review each one of the cases of detainees. The self-defense groups would have no reason to exist. If the government would  fulfill their duty of providing security
As they pass through the towns and ranches, he expressed his deep sorrow and pain for the regarding the testimony; After Receiving complaints and denunciations, Dr. Plascencia Villanueva reiterated their solidarity and offered to Provide accompaniment in each case of innocents being unjustly held in prison and strive to restore the security of the community.”
Autodefensa Organized in Coahuila, Veracruz, Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi
Calling on citizens who are tired of violence and impunity, a group of citizens through an email address called Huasteca Armada, has decided to make known what they say. verbatim, as “the repression of our people in the hands the Gulf Cartel mushrooms and the deep roots of complicity of the governments of San Luis Potosi and Veracruz. “
They claim that once peace is restored and social justice in the region, they will give up their weapons. They refer to article 39 of the constitution which states: National sovereignty resides essentially and originally in the people. All public power emanates from the people and is instituted for their benefit. The village has at all times the inalienable right to alter or modify their form of government.
Social networks in Tamaulipas also have gain interest in organizing autodefensas.  And in Coahuila citizens are campaigning against the Government of Coahuila and  accuse it of acting inappropriately and against the best interest  of citizens which compels the creation of a self-government group.
Poll from El Siglo Torreon asking if readers support the creation of AD in Coahuila -click on any image to enlarge
I have two points of thought of this spread of self-government concept. First, the articles in the constitution other than 39 clearly defines the constitutional provisions is for indigenous groups exclusively.   If citizens groups pattern themselves after the autodefensas of Michoacán there could be legal ramifications and liability.
Secondly, the tone of the message of the so called group in SLP/VER, seems to be missing an equal offender, Los Zetas Cartel.  It is a reminder that narcos are slick opportunists and will use the interest generated by the success  of Michoacán autodefensas to their benefit. It would appear that the Coahuila and Tamaulipas movements are authentically originating from citizens fed up with being trapped by terrorism imposed by cartels, and the corrupt state governments who they deem in collusion.
Sources: Vanguardia, El Siglo, Facebook

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