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An Interview with “Broly Banderas” Sicario of Caballeros Templarios

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January 26, 2014

“Texcoco” a blogger and founder of the popular Narcco Noticas blog, is a long time Borderland Beat contributor.  His blog is fast becoming, the Spanish language, go-to blog for narco news.

One of the readers of Narcco Noticias (A Sangre Fría) conducted an interview with the ‘Facebook Loving Sicario’‘ Broly Banderas”.  Banderas’, 24, is a sicario for Caballeros Templarios, his real name is Antonio Olalde.
The list of questions were compiled through via social networks, including BB, which were sent to Banderas, and answered piecemeal and not all were answered.  Questions included asking about personal information, including how is family feels about his lifestyle choice, what he fears in life, wages and the travesties he has lived as a sicario (hitman).
A number of photographs were sent, and  to verify validity,  Banderas has written the name of Texcoco’s blog on his arm, (Narcco Noticias @BlogSpot).  I was given permission to use them clean and I have done so with the exception of those not depicting the blog name and a couple others.  .
How old are you?
Who is your direct boss?
I won’t say anything about my boss, but you can ask anything about me
How much do they pay you?
20,000 monthly (apx 1500 USD) What year and at what age did you commit your first murder?
Murder, I don’t know.  My first confrontation happened when I was 20 years old, a few months after I joined the group the Caballeros Templarios.
I’ve only killed in confrontations. My first confrontations were with La Familia Michoacana, then with the Federal Police on 3 occasions 2 more with the military who by accident I ran into them and 1 more with the Marina (navy).
Now the problem is with the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion CJNG.
Who makes the decisions of who to kill?
Those questions I will not answer because I give orders as they are given to me. I’ve never killed in cold blood but I’ve been present in many executions.
How do you find your victims? In the same way that they find us, locating and investigating people to find out if they have anything to do with the others.
Have you killed any women?
No we don’t do that, only men, killing women is prohibited.
Do you feel sadness for your victims?
I do not like to hurt people that have not done anything to me; I am not a bad person it’s just that I am in an ugly line of work. If I told you why I entered this you would understand.  “It was not for the money it was for the women and fame.”
I haven’t killed. nor would I kill, without reason. How are your normal days?
My normal days are not common but they are wonderful because I am a celebrity, like an artist the whole world greets you and they want to take pictures with you the whole world wants to buy you something.
When I go out everybody wants to buy me a bottle, they want to go out with me, they invite me to drink or they want to take photos with me, that’s how my days are.
And in regards to the family the least they know the better. They know what I do and all that mess but I don’t give them any explanations of where I go and all that, they don’t agree with it but they have no choice I’m already here and they no longer support me.
What does your family think of what you do? Obviously my family doesn’t support me, my father works for the Government, and obviously he doesn’t like what I’m doing here, but I live my life and he lives his.  I like my work and what they think does not matter and if they don’t like it too well. How long do you think you’re going to be in this line of work?
I don’t know how long, I hope many years but I think my days are numbered but whatever I last is cool that’s why I try to enjoy them as much as possible.
Where did you work before you became a sicario?
I worked in many places, in a candy warehouse, in a bakery and I really never made much money.


What is evil for you?

What is evil to me? Well obviously evil is the distinction between good and bad, that good is going in the right direction, obviously it has nothing to do with what I do but even though I’m in this, I try to do my best and that it’s not bad just because I have this job- I don’t try to take advantage of the people, on the contrary I try to be more unassuming with them.
I would say it is notable that is why so many people follow me, for the same reason, because I don’t think just because I have this job I feel superior, to the contrary, whoever extends their hand I will extend mine.
I’m not one of those abusive persons, I am not an asshole with people, to this point I have never beat anyone, there was only one person and that’s because the bosses were there, they even loaded it to facebook the person was right next to me. Who or what are you afraid of?
I fear the company, I do fear them, my bosses. well because they can kill me whenever they feel like it, they can tell me to stop by and me without knowing can stop by and well you know, that’s why I’ve always tried to be a good constituent.
I’ve never had any complaints, I do everything I’m ordered correctly and all that.
But yes it bothers them that I post things on facebook, I don’t comment anything bad, but many are copying my name on facebook and they say things about work even though they don’t know anything but they post comments and others think it’s me.
Like the so called Antonio Olivares who threatened the administrator of “Valor Por Michoacán”,that was some other fool and I have nothing to do with that and they think it’s my name.
Because of them the bosses already threaten me to stop that bullshit or they are going to kill me and they have the power they just tell me to come to whatever place and me without knowing will go and they will kill me there.
Why did you become a hit man?
Because I wanted to die, back then when I entered this, my life didn’t matter, I didn’t like the lifestyle that  I had.  Before I was very shy and I could not maintain a good conversation with women but now with facebook the whole world wants to talk to me and it has made me coexist with so many people and so many people that want to chat with me. Before I was very lonely and for me it was very sad and the truth I don’t want to be that person again, it was humiliating ugly sad.
It was cool because I was innocent but unfortunately no one pays attention to the little angels, everybody pays attention to the demons in the bad persons and none gives a heck about the good people. Before no one cared about me and now I have all kinds of women and even if they know that I’m with many they still follow me they even fight over me, some come from far away just to spend some time with me, only to have sex with me.
Before it wasn’t like this, now I am the worst but that’s what they mostly look for and well I have been adapting.  It’s not like before even though I know that my days are numbered, the government is looking for me and the enemies also looking for me, with everything and well there is no way out of this I cannot go back.
I’d like to get out, but I can’t, even though I left the Government will continue looking for me, and so would my enemies and they would not care if I left they would just say he is one of them kill him.
But anyway, it does not matter because I have it really cool, money, women, new trucks what else can I say?
Has it been worth it?
Well it has been worth it because I joined this so they could kill me, so now till they kill me, now I have women to pick from, I decide you yes- you no. They give me thousands of gold things, clothes and many other things.
I have seen how many high ranking officials pay to have sex with woman, not me, they are the ones that do things for me and they treat me well ,so that I will be with them, for I am superior then any dumbass who says things about me, so whenever they start to criticize me I laugh, because they are dying of envy.
I entered this to die and now i want to live but it doesn’t matter all I ask is that I die in combat, I don’t want to die like a dog, it is better in combat like the warrior I am.
It has been worth it because now a days they steal my photos and they make accounts on facebook saying they are me, fucken dogs ,don’t say I’m you guys, look for your own fame.
How did you get into the business?
I am not going to talk about that
What were the circumstances of your first murder?
I don’t do that, I am not a cold blooded killer, when you have to kill someone by orders or for whatever reason, I give someone else the order to do it, in clashes yes, there  I’ll do it, I even like to show off. What do you think of your fame on the internet?
I like when they talk about me, the truth is, that I like when they talk about me, I’d be lying if I told you no, and the truth is, it’s cool when someone wants to take a photos with me and I am really very humble, I greet who ever greets me and I’ll shake anyone’s hand.
How many people have you tortured?
Only one, that person from a photo that went up on facebook but I really don’t do that, I don’t like that. Clashes yes, those I like, I even like to show off.
How many days off you get per week?
2 per week, anywhere else they just give you one, here they give you 2
Have you saved your money, or what do you do with all that?
No, because I give most of it to my wife and she is a big spender, like all women, you know and me well I buy my things, I like to dress well and all that shit and I spend it on that and in details for the ladies, really small things, because they are not interested in my money, stuff like small stuffed animals and things like that. How long did it take you to become fully competent as a Sicario?
I don’t know when I entered, it had only been like 5 months then that thing with La Familia happened and I fought and that’s how it happened.
Describes one or two situations that are the most exciting for you?

Exiting, well I don’t know what! What the women write on my facebook is exciting, and the types of animals that I see in the wild, I love nature, it’s exciting when I see the stars fall into the night while I am in the mountains, seeing falling meteorites.
Click on to enlarge this chart which depicts salary range of sicarios

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