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Zacatecas:Zetas Narcomantas Appear in Fresnillo

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January 23, 2014

“Sálganle al toro, pinche José Soto, Rubén de Santiago y Daniel Macías (Chiva). Bola de culos salgan putos. Aquí estamos los Z por todo el estado de Zacatecaz. Puro territorio Zeta. Atte los Z.”
“Come out and face us, fucking José Soto, Rubén de Santiago and Daniel Macías (Chiva). Bunch of sissies, come out fags. Here we are the Z in the whole state of Zacatecaz. Pure Zeta territory. Sincerely, the Z.”
(I never know how to translate some of these insults in banners, but you get the idea. According to NTR there were 4 banners.)
In other news, yesterday evening 2 women were found executed in the city of Zacatecas.
“At around 5 p.m. on Wednesday, after receiving a report of two bodies thrown in a creek, security personnel were mobilized to the Colonia Carlos Hinojosa located next to Tránsito Pesado in the State capital.
According to official versions, the finding was reported after a woman left her house to get water from the creek where she saw two dead bodies, female,  wearing jeans and casual blouses.
The victims had their hands and feet tied with tape, and had a bullet impact (reportedly, the coup de grace) in the forehead.
Police corporations, Municipal, Metropolitan, State, Ministerial as well as elements of corresponding investigations.
It took over one hour until the authorities withdrew from the place and the bodies were taken to the facilities of the forensic medical service (Semefo).
Both women remain unidentified.
Zacatecashoy mentions the women were aprox. 19 and 25 years old and they presented signs of torture.
This story is long, so I´m going to write a synopsis,
On Saturday night cartel members attacked a bar in Fresnillo, bar la Kava, setting the bar on fire and kidnapping some people (the number of people abducted varies depending on the source and the day), some sources mention up to 8, on Monday the State attorney officially gave what people say is a false number of 4 abducted and 7 injured.
On Sunday several banners appeared in Fresnillo allegedly signed by los zetas, no photos found, from the reports the content of the banners was nothing out of the ordinary,  “We are Here” “The State is ours” fucking this and that,  the usual vile redundancy found in the text of many narcomantas,  they were signed, ” Sincerely Z”.
On Monday evening, 4 of the abducted people were set free also in Fresnillo in Colonia Industrial, the State attorney via twitter announced all the abducted people were free and all the injured ones were out of danger.
Also on Monday evening a man was found executed in Valparaíso (this one has nothing to do with the bar thing) and another one on Tuesday afternoon, this second man was wearing a servers apron worn by servers at bar la Kava.
That same day in an operative of the preventive police in the area 3 men were arrested linked to the attack and kidnappings at la Kava, the State attorney then changed the number of kidnapped people to 6 and said it was all done by a cell of the zetas that had reappeared in Fresnillo recently, its leader is a member with the moniker “La Oreja”, who had been mentioned in previous narco banners.
Sources: NTR, ImagenZac,Testigo nocturno B15-ZacatecasHoy

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