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Sonora: The Border CIty of Agua Prieta Explodes with Violence

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January 19, 2014

Reports of  12-15 Deaths in the balance of the shootouts
Sonora has experienced an explosion of violence since the end of December when Macho Prieto of the Sinaloa Cartel was killed in a violent shootout with police in the city of Rocky Point..  Especially in the border city of Agua Prieta.  Multiple fierce harsh shootouts have occurred, including 3 in the past week in an apparent struggle of the plaza.
In the mix was the attempted kidnapping in Agua Prieta, 6 blocks from the US border, (point A on map at left), of the popular sports figure, and successful entrepreneur Armando“Mandy” Moreno. Moreno was killed as he attempted to flee from his kidnappers, with two passengers in his vehicle.  The vehicle hit a center divider and rolled a half a dozen times, killing all three men.
Official cause of death is pending,  photos of the vehicle indicated gunshots from an automatic weapon had pelleted the vehicle, leaving a Swiss cheese impact pattern.. So it is possible Moreno was killed before he rolled.
Reports of small convoys of trucks with markings of GN have been noted in Agua Prieta.

The Investigating (PEI) State Police reported that during the last hours six people were killed and four were wounded in attacks and shootouts in various municipalities of Sonora.

Confirmed in a statement this morning in Agua Prieta two criminal groups exchanged gunfire with four dead and three wounded, police also claimed that five vehicles, some armored.

Dead are; Juan Miguel Favela, Luis Enrique Barraza Ceballos, Hector Ulises Romero, these three natives of Sinaloa, and another male person, which has not yet been identified.

In clashes in the colonias and Industrial Center Infonavit injured Moran Laura Lizbeth Benitez, Manuel Alejandro Navarro and Manuela Beatriz Márquez Pérez Suárez, who are recovering in the village clinics.

In Caborca

​​At km 249 +900 of the Caborca-Sonoyta road this morning was found the body of a man and has yet unidentified, killed by multiple gunshot wounds.
In Puerto Peñasco. (Rocky Point where Macho Prieto was killed), around 22:00 pm yesterday, Pascuala Moon Negrete, 45, was shot and killed by unknown assailants.
Minutes later, in Ciudad Obregon, Luis Fernando Vega Franco, 27, was hospitalized after being seriously wounded by gunshots.

RioDoce-MiMunicipio-Facebook are the sources used to write this post. SiskiYouKid has a post read here





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