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Smugglers attempt to flee in Border Patrol’s first drug bust of the year

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McAllen Border Patrol Agents made their first drug bust of the year after suspects attempted to smuggle 700 pounds of marijuana New Year’s Day.

Border Patrol Agents conducted an operation New Year’s Day near Havana, TX around 6 p.m.

About 15 minutes later, agents said they saw activity for smuggling illegal immigrants or illegal drugs at a location known as “Dripping Vats.”

Documents stated that a USBP agent saw a green Ford Focus arrive near the intersection of Patricio Road and Military Highway.

According to the agent, several subjects carried bundles of marijuana to the Focus.

The agent approached the vehicle and driver Jose Ramos attempted to flee.

Ramos was soon stopped and taken into custody by another agent.

The suspects carrying the bundles of marijuana fled south into Mexico.

Authorities found six bundles in the trunk of the Focus.

Agents recovered 44 bundles along the trail that led up to the vehicle.

The 50 bundles had a combined weight of a little more than 701 pounds.

Documents stated that Ramos said he was smuggling the marijuana and would be paid $500.

Magistrate Judge Peter Ormsby will arraign Ramos Tuesday at 9 a.m.



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