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Mireles Complies with Request from Feds while Army Kill Unarmed Autodefensas

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January 13, 2014

Dr. Mireles says Autodefensa will not lay down weapons
Army unarms autodefensa, kills 2 unarmed, wounds 1
Army confiscates then returns weapons
Dr. Manuel Mireles spoke publically for the first time since his plane accident and according to Milenio, he has made an agreement with  federal forces

Shortly before midnight the AUC of Michoacán accepted the request made by the federal government and the state to return to their home communities, according to a video message from José Manuel Mireles, one of the leaders of the autodefensas group.

In a message sent to  Joaquín López-Dóriga, Mireles asked the federal government to provide security for autodefensas members and that “the rule of law is restored in Michoacán.”
“The General Council and Community Self-Defense Michoacán respects the call of the Secretariat of Government and also the governor of the state,” Mireles said.
“We adhere to the rules of today January 13 come forward and accept the request to return to our  home communities,,” Mireles said.
There appears to be a conflict within the group, and a secondary announcement from others in the autodefensas groups has been issued (see below), I am attempting to get a better verification of the announcement and will post when possible. Update: There are charges of liberal editing of Dr. Mireles’ interview with Milenio, a second interview with Pricilla of Grillonautas was conducted and I will post tomorrow, but in the video he makes it clear it did not say that the autodefensas would lay down their arms.
Two civilians have been killed by federal forces, and in Nueva Italia, the recently liberated municipality, forces disarmed autodefensas in a peaceful manner. Earlier I posted this on forum:
killed by army today


After months of huge gains against organized crime, a division is apparent with the autodefensas, with some  worried that the deployment of forces  is a tactic by the  Michoacán government to quell their gains.  Autodefensas/Citizens do not trust the state government.

However, the destruction of property and disruption has to be suppressed.  The worse move the federal government could do is fight against the autodefensas, instead they should respect the work they have done, and will continue to do as they exercise  their constitutional right.
However, the government should be allowed and encourage to do their job and duty in bringing security to the region and peace to Michoacán.
Today, the chairman of PAN party asked for a clarification that it was organized crime that is being targeted and not autodefensas.
Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, interior secretary  formally requested the self defense to lay down their arms and return to their communes of origin, through a press release, the United Self-Governing Michoacán said “We will not lay down our arms.”
Fearing the loss of gains, the statement released by the Facebook page Valor por Michoacán, said: “The self-defense  struggle will continue until we see leaders of  criminals behind bars, we want the leaders of organized crime apprehended  and then we’ll sit talk to the government. ”
Until this happens, “and do not see results by the government, will continue to help the people  free themselves from criminals,” self-defense groups  now control security in over 14 towns and 67 villages in Michoacán.
Also the group criticized the lack of results from the government security strategy that has failed apprehension of the leaders of organized crime in the state and emphasized that they rose up in arms against drug trafficking, because the government failed to do their job.
“we are not just a group of people with guns, we are people, we are the  UNITED  COUNCIL OF MICHOACAN AUTO-DEFENSE, formed by entrepreneurs, farmers, mayors, aldermen, gardeners, lemon growers, students, parents etc. … We are united people and we all partake. ”
This Monday in the presence of the National Security Cabinet, headed by the interior minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and Governor of Michoacán, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, an agreement was signed  for additional support from the Feds.
This week has brought horrific destruction and disruption throughout areas in  the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán,  where there have been roadblocks and burning vehicles, businesses and even a city hall in Apatzingán.
Through the destruction and outbursts, autodefensas managed to liberate 4 additional municipalities, with largely without loss of life  of citizens. (fotos: “Hercules” arrives with forces, PGR helicopters arrive in Morelia
Federal forces disarm autodefensas and citizens express frustration

Sources: Milenio, LaVoz, PorMichoacanSDRFacebook

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