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Autodefensas Free Nuevo Italia and 3 Additional Communites

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January 12, 2014

Arrives in Nuevo Italia

For about a month autodefensas from El Camalote in the municipality of Coahuayana,  have been attempting to take control away from the Caballeros Tempalrios and finally succeeded on Friday.

Other communities freed from CT are; El Ceñidor, municipality of Parácuaro; and Zapotán, municipality of Coahuayan.
This action was confirmed by the federal police.
About one hour ago, 100 vehicles with autodefensas, arriving from Cuatro Caminos, entered the Apatzingán city of Nuevo Italia and have now control and have freed the city. This under the watchful eyes of the Federal Army guarding the city and surrounding area. However, Nuevo Italia was not taken peacefully, and some reports indicate additional confrontations are occurring.
Hipolito Mora, head of the organization in La Ruana, belonging to Buenavista Tomatlán said that in the next few hours autodefensas will attempt  to take Uruapan, Los Reyes and Apatzingán
Governor Fausto Vallejo stated instead of containing the autodefenzas that the federal government “should be done with those who kill and abuse people, e.g. Knights Templar criminal group that takes advantage of the citizens.”
In an interview for the newspaper Cambio de Michoacán, Mora said the groups will advance in towns like Uruapan, Los Reyes, Apatzingán and Quiroga, where the inhabitants, he said, sought the help of the leaders of the self-defense..
Some of the other cities freed of organized crime are; Tomatlán Buenavista, Coalcomán, Hawk, Tepalcatepec, Los Reyes, Chinicuila, Aquila, Paracho, Cheran, La Huacana, Tancítaro, Churumuco, Parácuaro, Coahuayana and a community outside of Apatzingán. Latest reports indicate Apatzingán is calm at the moment. Below video of autodefensas coming into Nuevo Italia on four roads intersection:

Already outdated from Friday
The making of armored vehicles for autodefensas see video below Dr Mireles speaks about this process in one of the translated videos we have translated
Por Michoacán Facebook-Proceso-Milenio





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