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With 990 Homocides, 2013 Was The Most Violent Year in Michoacan In The Last 15 Years.

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January 5, 2014

Mexico City, December 3 (HOWEVER) -. The year 2013 was the most violent year since 1998 in Michoacan, for a total of 990 homicides, December being the month with the highest number of murders.
According to an investigation by the agency Quadratín, the combination of social crisis, violence and insecurity left last year as one of the most aggressive, however, it did not surpass the mark registered in 1998, with 1,200 homicides.
This report highlighted the fact that 55 percent of the killings were summary executions, ‘which suggests that in the entity operated specialized extrajudicial executions, victims selectively targeted in the style of the old death squad groups’ says the michoacana agency.
According to figures provided by the Technical Secretariat of the National Public Security System in the year just ended saw an increase of 31.13 percent in this type of crime, over 2012, when 755 violent deaths, 235 less than 2013.
Most of the deaths occurred by executions and-despite the military presence in the state, only 12 people died in armed clashes. But there was not only increased number of crimes, but also in the regions in which they happen. It spread to 36 of the 113 municipalities in the state, with Morelia, Apatzingán Tarímbaro, Uruapan and Zamora where the murders were most (57%) concentrated.
The state capital as well as the population of Tarímbaro had 33 percent of those killed, becoming the most dangerous area of ​​the state.  In 77 of the municipalities no murder occurred.
Impunity in research is also an issue raised in the report, as only 76 of the 128 dead were identified in December, while the rest remain as unknown
The features of the deceased victims in that month show their ages ranging from 31 to 49,  while their occupations are diverse, most are from city officials, police and military to housewives and children.
Of all the deaths in December, only nine women murdered

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