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Uprising Of Churumuco; the Self-Defense Movement Continues/How Churumuco Rose Up In Arms

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December 30, 2013

Churumuco, Michoacán—The General Council of the Self-Defense Groups, led by Dr. José Mireles Valverde, attested on Sunday morning the armed uprising and the emergence of a new self-defense group in the municipality of Churumuco in Michoacán.
This occurs, just after December 20th when the leader of the self-defense movement in Michoacán said that the movement will continue to expand and that they’ll support all the municipalities in the state who want to “uprise” against organized crime.
It was on Sunday, with the presence of local leaders from Tepalcatepec, Buenavista and Aguililla, led by Mireles Valverde, when citizens of Churumuco gathered in the courtyard of the city hall where they were invited to join the newly formed self-defense group.
There, the doctor said that there are three other municipalities in sight: Huetamo, Nueva Italia and Apatzingán.  Meanwhile in the long term they also contemplate to reach the state capital, Morelia.
Even though the governor, Fausto Vallejo, has previously said that the expansion of the self-defense movement will not be permitted, the leader assures that there is no will by the government to stop them, or to guarantee the safety of the people in arms.
Contrary to what is said by the governor, the phenomenon has spread to nearly 60 communities throughout dozens of municipalities in the Tierra Caliente region in Michoacán.
Churumuco, as well as Zicuirán and Chaus, villages of the municipality of La Huacana, and San Juan Nuevo of the municipality of Parangaricutiro, are the most recent or “the latest territories liberated of organized crime”.
To date, The list of municipalities liberated are: Buenavista Tomatlán, Tepalcatepec, Aguililla, Aquila, Coalcomán, Chinicuila, Los Reyes, Tancítaro, La Huacana, and Vista Hermosa.  However, it is known that groups of armed civilians maintain their presence in at least three more municipalities where they are ready to uprise at any time.
In addition, the aim is to extend the movement to the municipalities of Apatzingán, Múgica, Nueva Italia, Ario de Rosales and Morelia.

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