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Self-Defense Movement Readies for the Taking of Nueva Italia

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December 20, 2013

With 11 days left to end the year, the self-defense movement in the state of Michoacán has consolidated their presence with the uprising in La Huacana and now they’re heading for Nueva Italia and other municipalities who want to rise up against organized crime.


Self-defense groups maintain control in Zicuirán and La Huacana. Photo By: Enrique Castro
“The people want to rise up in arms against organized crime… we will support all of the municipalities who want to rise up”, said the community leader José Manuel Mireles.
Speaking to Noticias MVS, the leader confirmed that the people of La Huacana rose up in arms after the army found several bodies in the territory, which is considered to be “the door to hell”, since it has access to Apatzingán.
“I’ve been here (La Huacana) for three days, the intention is to validate the movement, we don’t want people to use our (self-defense) shirts who don’t want to liberate their town of organized crime”, he said.
Mireles thanked the Mexican Army for their support “they don’t leave us on our own”.  In addition, he predicts that the municipality of Nueva Italia could create their own self-defense movement in the coming days.
To date, the Community Police have 19 municipalities under their control.
Source:  Proceso

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