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Kelly Denise Keys, 31, and Michael Jeffrey Duncan, 45, arrested for selling Methamphetamine at the Marathon gas station in Coweta County

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December 18, 2013


Two suspected drug dealers were arrested Monday after members of the Coweta Crime Suppression Unit caught them red-handed selling methamphetamine, authorities said.

Around 2:55 p.m., investigators and officers with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office CSU recorded a drug deal involving the suspect, Kelly Denise Keys, 31, at the Marathon gas station on Highway 34 West, said Lt. Col. Jimmy Yarbrough with the sheriff’s office. According to Yarbrough, while the CSU members watched and took photos, Keys sold $120 worth of methamphetamine.

After the exchange, officers quickly followed and pulled over Keys on the highway, Yarbrough said. A passenger, Michael Jeffrey Duncan, 45, was also in the vehicle. Both Keys and Duncan were taken into custody, and investigators searched the vehicle to find about 12 grams of methamphetamine in the center console, Yarbrough said. Keys and Duncan were also searched, Yarbrough said, and investigators found more methamphetamine and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana tucked into Keys’ bra.

Because Duncan was in the car during the drug deal and the 12 grams of methamphetamine was in the center console, both he and Keys were charged for the possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and for the sale of methamphetamine, Yarbrough said. Keys was also charged for the possession of marijuana, and both were transported to the Coweta County Jail.

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