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Mexico City: Kidnapped as Police Stand by, Caught on Video

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December 6, 2013

Police stood by as a man and woman is kidnapped, one can hear people excitedly screaming, multiple times, “Are they kidnapping?” “Are they kidnapping?”
This occurred yesterday in broad daylight in the epicenter of Mexico, Mexico City, in front of the ultra-busy Oceania subway.
It is described as an Express Kidnapping, however,  it does not indicate what led to that conclusion. Express kidnappings are when a victim is taken and a ransom is demanded of his family.
Once the random is paid the victim is usually allowed to go free. However I don’t see how it was determined that this was an fact an Express Kidnapping opposed to any other type of kidnapping.
An anonymous YouTube user posted this video yesterday.  A group of men in a white pickup are seen forcing a man into the truck bed, they were armed with weapons.  A pair of auxiliary police idly stands by and watches the crime even after people approached them.

The person recording the crime reports there were two vehicles, the truck and a car.

On the video it can be heard people saying “and the police?  why are they not doing nothing?” also stating the license plates numbers, however most likely the vehicle is stolen.
The videographer stated he attempted to report it to the Federal Police,  was kept waiting an hour and they did not take his information.
The sharp eye of a BB reader notices a woman also being kidnapped. You will see the videographer quickly panning to the left where the white car is, a woman is being held by a choke hold and dragged to the truck. (see white arrow below)
I thought there were two being kidnapped near the truck, but it is difficult to distinguish, bottom line 2-3 people kidnapped.
On the far left footage you can there is a man by the white automobile that looks as though he also may be a police.
He is wearing what appears to be a uniform with an emblem patch on the right sleeve, and  a hat having an orange red top, much like the police standing in front of the wall.
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