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Guerrero: 8 Family Members Slaughtered, 3 Females Taken

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December 12, 2013

Eight family members were executed in the town Mextitlán municipality of Teloloapan, Guerrero, by an armed group last Friday, and 3 family members were kidnapped, two young women and an eight year old girl, reported the Mayor Ignacio Valladares Salgado.
In a telephone interview PRD mayor explained that on Thursday gunmen arrived Mextitlán-community of about 600 residents located north of the state, 180 kilometers from Chilpancingo, the state capital, and terrorized the small community.
He said eight bodies were found in black plastic bags, Friday night dismembered, gagged, hands tied and signs of torture,  on the banks of the highway Pachivia-Ixcateopan. Next to the remains had cardboard with the initials “FM”.
As of yesterday, the whereabouts of the three sisters is unknown. Melisa, Elizabeth and Sandra Bastian Salgado, 8, 21 and 22 years, respectively “We have coordinated with members of the Mexican Army, which informed us that they had knowledge of the facts, and it was being ‘investigated’.”
The dead persons were identified as Yolanda Bastian Arroyo, 40, Gabriel Garrido Bastian, 18, Jesus Salgado Marias, 18, Fernando López Arroyo, 25,  Moises Barrera Bastian 22, David Bastian,16,  Rozo Bastian, 40, and Paz Albertano Meza, 45.

The governor of Guerrero Angel Aguirre Rivero PRD, said he was unaware of the details of killing eight people in Teloloapan. “Im working trip (in Chilpancingo), and I have no information” ,he said.

He did announce that he will call for a hundred national and international non-governmental organizations to provide security for journalists, human rights defenders and social activists, and to clarify the murders and disappearances in the past two years.
Although the father of one of the young men executed was reported missing to law enforcement authorities he was not among the bodies.

Sources used to write this post: La Jornada, Terra, el Financiero




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