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La Tuta Implicates La Cocoa

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 November 29, 2013

Servando Gomez “La Tuta” leader and founder of the La Familia Micoacana and now the Knights Templar released a video on November 27 in which he states that in November of 2006 in Michoacan he abducted Reyes Alfonso Hinojosa who is supposedly the cousin of then President-elect Felipe Calderon Hinojosa. The leader of the criminal group claims that the abduction was a response to a debt of 30 million pesos ($2,291,388 dollars).

He also claims that Mexican PAN Senator Luisa María “Cocoa” Calderon, sister of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, intervened to secure the release. “An agreement was reached and Reyes did not have to pay his debt,” said Tuta in the video. “But after this incident the problems with Calderón started with us, we used to be La Familia Michoacana and now we are the Knights Templar” Tuta went on to say.

Servando Gomez “La Tuta”, leader of the Knights Templar (CT or Templarios), said in the video that the Luisa Maria Calderón had a pact and made indirect contact with the Templarios in 2006 and 2011.
In the video posted on YouTube “La Tuta” rejects the previous accusations made by Calderon Hinojosa that state government officials led by PRI Fausto Vallejo met with the Knights Templar.

“I deny it. I’s Not true. The only person who approached us during the campaign in 2011, in November 2011 during the campaign for governorship in Michoacan was Mrs. Luisa María Calderón who sent a man by the name of Francisco Javier Girón del Toro who is a local politician in the council in the district of Apatzingan.

Luisa María Calderón was quick to hold a press conference and deny the allegation made in the Tuta video that she considered a threat made against her and demanded a federal investigation to the comments made by Tuta where he admitted to some of his criminal activities. She said that the video is an affront to the institutions of the state, which was made in response to statements made by her about the presence of Templars in the Senate and forcing an investigation.
Without taking questions from the media, Luisa María Calderón said that the video is a public threat to herself and said that the local government recongnizes the intent of this criminal “this is the best evidence of their link, at least effective, with the local authority.
“He attacks me and tells me “to keep down my bullshit” shows that there has been no dialogue between me, it bothers him for me to say what happens, and it is also clear he is not happy with the current government.”
Politicians and friends standing next to Luisa María Calderón in support during the press conference reminded the media of who they were dealing with, a criminal.

La Tuta is credited with the killing of 12 officers of the Federal Police, which occurred on July 13, 2009 in the town of La Huacana, Michoacán. It is also known that he ordered the execution of federal agents, one of whom was a woman who was abused and whose images were posted on the internet showing this act of violence.

He also has five outstanding arrest warrants that includes 13 preliminary investigations. The law enforcement community of the Mexican government considers him one of the most violent drug traffickers in the country.
Luisa María Calderón said she is maintaining constant communication with federal authorities on the issue of insecurity in Michoacan and took advantage of this to ask the government to “take note of the confessions that Tuta makes of his criminal activities in the video and proceed with an investigation. The price I pay for speaking the truth is a threat from a confessed criminal through a video.”
Source: open media sources, too many to mention.
Will the people of Michoacan find a solution to the violence through their Auto Defensas or comunitarios? Will the political corruption in Michoacan someday come to an end to stop protecting organized crime?



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