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Self-Defense Movement in Michoacán Takes Four More Municipalities

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November 26, 2013

Although the federal and state governments warned that they wouldn’t allow the self-defense groups to expand, on Tuesday November 26 the community guards took over four other municipalities, which now totals 54 communities under its influence in the state of Michoacán.


Photo By: Eduardo Miranda
Shortly after noon and simultaneously, the community police of Tancítaro, Buena Vista, Aguililla, Tepalcatepec and La Ruana liberated the municipalities of El Zapote, El Corrijo and Rancho Grande, where 18 villages coexist with about 500 inhabitants, just like Acahuato, in the municipality of Apatzingán.
In the village of Rancho Grande, about 100 people who were taking refuge came out after the self-defense groups shouted at them: “We’re friends, we aren’t going to do anything to you, we came to fight the bad guys.”
They then barricaded the entrance of each of the towns that were liberated and left gaurds, reinforced with armed neighbors with scythes, hoes and machetes.
Minutes later, federal troops arrived to reinforce the area.
A commander identified by the name “Tilín” said via telephone that the struggle is in all of Michoacán.  “We are going after the 113 municipalities of the state, whether Fausto Vallejo likes it or not, the cleansing is against all types of crime.”
“We don’t want to kill them, only for them to leave the people alone and to get out from Michoacán”he said. Source: Proceso

From Policía Comunitaria Tepalcatepec’s Facebook page at 6:07pm CST :
“Attention to everyone in general: we are notifying you that we are in Acahuato, a municipality of Apatzingan. We arrived unharmed without any clashes, the people of Acahuato are already making their trenches, the only thing that’s missing is for you to join the movement, don’t expect others to do it for you, help make a barricade, bring coffee, if you have anything to defend yourself with bring it out.  We are across the boundary from Acahuato connecting to Tancitaro; we are also notifying you that 90% of the municipality of Tancitaro is already up in arms.”

“State police templarios arrived trying to disarm some in the community.  The people of Tancítaro responded by expelling them with sticks and rocks. Enraged by such attacks, the people are organizing to expel all of the state police from the municipality.”

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