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Social Media Groups Encouarge Citizens to Take Out Criminals

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November 25, 2013
Along with the police defense groups (auto defensas) taking matters in their own hands to take the fight to the cartels, I have also noticed something else lately. I call from social media networks to encourage citizens, who may be armed, to take out dangerous sicarios from criminal groups. This is an example post from “Por una Ruana con Libertad” a Facebook forum reporting on criminal activity in the region of Felipe Carrillo Puerto (La Ruana).
“The person in the photograph (below) goes by the name of Enrique Ruiz Hernandez AKA “El Templar chikito”
He is a sicario for the cartel Knight Templar (templarios) who works in the plaza of Apatzingan under the command of a person who goes by the nick name “la Matraca” (if anyone has the name of Matraca send it to me in my inbox)
Enrique Ruiz Hernandez is one who hangs out with the narco municipal police (narcomunicipales) in Apatzingan abducting people to demand a ransom and then murders them.


Be careful with this scourge if you happen to see him and if you are armed, shoot him, as this is the only way to rid of this type of garbage. We are talking about a very dangerous man that has committed numerous murders of innocent people, if not, then report him to 088 so they can arrest him, although it will not take him long to get out because there are many narco-attorneys that will bail him out immediately”




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