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8 die in Ciudad Juarez massacre

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 November 17, 2013

A total of eight individuals including three children were but one stabbed to death in Ciudad Juarez Saturday night, according to Mexican news reports.
According to a news report which appeared in El Diario de Chihuahua news daily news website, the incident took place at a residence near the intersection of calles Luciano Becerra and Fernando Montes de Oca in Morelos Zaragoza colony.
Originally Mexican press released news that the victims had all been shot to death, but neighbors nearby did not report any gunshots.  However, later reports said one shot was fired.

Three of the child victims  were identified as Daniel Romero Castañeda, 6, Abril Romero, 4 and Valeria Lara Castañeda, 4.  Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales, 60 and her daughter Maria del Carmen Castañeda, 28, and Rosa Maria Castañeda Morales, 30 were also identified as among the dead.
A news account which later appeared in La Polaka  said that one of the female adult victims had been shot to death, but reports did not say which.
One of the two male adult victims was identified as Ruben Romero, 28.  A second male victim was said to be in his 30s. All the victims had been bound and gagged prior to being killed.
An unidentified three month old infant also was reported kidnapped from the residence, however, neighbors had taken the child for safekeeping.
The massacre was discovered when members of the victims’ church noticed their absence and sought to find them.



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