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7 die in Nuevo Laredo

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November 17, 2013

A total of seven unidentified armed suspects were killed Saturday and Sunday in three separate shootouts in northern Tamaulipas state, according to official government sources.
According to a news released posted on the Tamaulipas state government website, the first incident took place at 2118 hrs near the intersection of calles Grijalva and Rio Cupatitzio in El Campanario colony, where armed suspects traveling aboard a Ford F-150 pickup truck exchanged gunfire with a Mexican Army road patrol.

Two armed suspects died in that encounter, and Mexican Army soldiers seized three guns and an undisclosed quantity of ammunition.
A second shootout took place at around 2230 hrs near the intersection of  calles Cesar Lopez de Lara and Anahuac in Anahuac colony, between armed suspects traveling aboard a Ford Contour sedan and a unit of the Policia Federal.
One suspect, identified as Gilberto Herrera Jaques died in the encounter, while a second suspect, identified as Jonathan Saldaña Armendariz, was detained at the scene. Policia Federal agents seized one rifle, one weapons magazine, ammunition and two radios.
The third encounter took place between a Mexican Naval Infantry road patrol and armed suspects traveling aboard a Ford Expedition SUV, near the intersection of Calzada Revolucion and Calle Tecolote near the entrance to Lomas del Rio colony at around 540 hrs Sunday morning.
Four unidentified armed suspects died in that encounter.  Mexican marines seized five rifles, one rocket propelled grenade and other munitions.

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