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Gulf Cartel plaza boss captured with 15 others in Saltillo, Coahuila

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October 31, 2013


Elements from (GATE) captured 16 suspected members of the Gulf Cartel in southeastern Coahuila, including Julio César Aguirre Alday, 27, who was identified as operating boss of the Gulf Cartel in this region. They are suspected in connection with three homicides and for dealing drugs.

According to the Prosecutor General of Justice (PGJ) the detention was the result of an action by GATE, whose elements while cruising by Manuel Acuña Boulevard, upon entering the intersection Jaime Benavides Boulevard in the Capellanía neighborhood, where they saw two vehicles: a Dakota pickup and a Lincoln Mark LT.

Agents were made, which caused the cars to flee, and a chase ensued. The pursuit entered Santo Domingo in Las Haciendas neighborhood in Ramos Arizpe, the suspects tried to enter a home and opened fire on the members of the GATE.

Finally, the subjects were detained and one of them, Julio César Aguirre, a Saltillo resident, was identified as the operating area plaza boss of the Gulf Cartel.

The subject, according to the official report, confessed to having killed three men, including a ministerial police officer, this past Tuesday October 29, whose body appeared alongside another man on the Periferico bridge at Luis Echeverria Alvarez and Boulevard Vito Alessio Robles, in Saltillo.

Julio César Aguirre Alday; Juan Alberto Aguirre Alday; Angélica Karina García; Ismael Lara Cruz; Hans Preisser Davila; Nicolás Solís Tamez; Rafael Herrera González; Edgar Eduardo López Torres; Dalila Selene Torres Mata; Jesús Ángel Salazar Mendoza; Gilberto Gallegos Mendoza; Luis Sánchez Hernández; María Vargas Ramírez; Joselin Jazmín Lozano Ramírez; Karen Marlene Hernández Peña and a minor named Eduardo.

Also detained: Jesus Angel Salazar Mendoza, Gilberto Gallegos Mendoza, María Vargas Ramírez, Joselin Yazmin Lozano Ramirez.


The detainees are likely responsible for the crime of homicide, retailing, resisting arrest, and firing weapons.

After their arrest, they secured from them 14 AK-47 weapons; an R-15, 120 chargers; for AK-47 rifle, of which 88 were found in their entirety.


In addition, seized 12 chargers and a bag of 25 cartridges 50 caliber, bullet proof vest, tactical belts and 5 pairs of tactical boots, and marijuana.

The only insured item that links them directly to the Gulf Cartel is a hat with the acronym CDG and 30 other logos on a black material with the same insignia, and 12 telephones.

The 16 detainees with the secured objects were placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor’s Office which will give them over to Attorney General’s Office (PGR) because it is federal crimes, organized crime and possession of firearms for the exclusive use of the army operation.

The Gulf Cartel criminal organization is present mainly in the north and east of Mexico, especially in the states of Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Veracruz.
“El Majon” Gulf Cartel Plaza Boss in Quintana Roo detained for the murder of 15
the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE) announced that it will present charges against the alleged leader of the Gulf Cartel in Quintana Roo, Peter Ray Nunez El Mojon, for the murder of 15 people.

Prosecutor Gaspar Armando García Torres pointed out that the kingpin, arrested yesterday in a residential area in the urban area of this tourist destination, is related in six preliminary investigations for the crime of homicide.

The State official said that the detainee is known only by the nickname of El Mojon, but his accomplices – who were captured previously – identified him as Miguel Angel Villarreal Barajas; However, at the time of arrest drug trafficker said to call Guillermo Martínez Martínez.

However, he added, the true identity of the capo is Pedro rays Núñez, known by the nicknames of El Mojon, El Ferruco and the El Apa, 25 years old, originally from Tamaulipas.

According to García Torres, for five years the detainee worked for the Gulf Cartel and operated as plaza boss in Quintana Roo, with greater influence in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

It stated, in addition, that after the capture of El Mojon they arrested four more subjects for retail drug sales. They were released to the Prosecutor’s Office and identified as


Dolores González, 41 years; Maricela or Luz Manuela Reyes Diaz, 30; Abel Mario López Xicoténcatl, 21, and Francisco López García, aged 31. They seized 163 doses of marijuana, 374 rocks of crack and 10 bags of “raw” rock.

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