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Templarios Blow Up 18 Power Substations-Death Toll Rises from Apatzingán Shootout

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October 29, 2013 


Just passed midnight Saturday, Caballeros Templarios used Molotov Cocktails to simultaneously blow up and destroy at least 18 power plants substations in Michoacán causing massive blackouts affecting over 1M people. Then in the cover of darkness, they torched petrol stations and residences.

Six petrol stations were destroyed.

Authorities from the state prosecutor’s office, who initially reported no deaths, today reported at least 5 were killed in the shootout occurring on Saturday at the city hall in Apatzingán.

They gave an age range of the dead as late teens to early twenties, but claimed not to know what group the deceased men belonged to.

Credible, but unconfirmed reports, from libre social networks said that CT had hired young people to infiltrate the auto defense planned protest to cause havoc that would lead to a massive shootout causing a large number of casualties among the auto defense 3000 member group attending the protest. Initially, reports stated the large federal presence was in place because they had received word from the state that the auto defense group was coming and they feared violence.

Social media has reported from the onset of the CT plan backfiring, as they wanted the defense group to be disarmed, but never expected as many federal elements being deployed so disbanded their original plan due to the large federal contingent. Which explains why the attack was relatively mild considering what may have occurred. The feds were quick to respond when gunfire erupted.

Supposedly, this was a massive plan to cause major disruption in the city and blame criminal acts on the auto defense group.

Late this evening citizens were informed, via SDR reports, that CT had taken over gas stations and demanded identifications of patrons to single out defense members and kidnap them. Other disruptions included large numbers of taxis being robbed.

These attacks have created great terror in Apatzingán. Accordingly, tomorrow schools and all shops will be closed until further notice.

Although throughout the weekend authorities were firm that there were no casualties, Dr. Mierles has contended from the onset of Saturday’s violence there were deaths and injuries, through trusted sources he estimated 13 killed, all belonging to Caballeros Templarios. Dr. Mierles stated that CT is know for taking, at least in part, their injured and dead to cause confusion.

The auto defense had been disarmed, however CT gunmen had stashed weapons throughout the main plaza, said to be with the assistance of the municipal police.


Federal sources had disarmed municipal police and they had largely fled the city. The shootout was between federal forces and CT.

Federal authorities are increasing presence by additionally sending hundreds police and militars to reinforce security in the region. In the midst of the outbreak of violence, Governor, Fausto Vallejo, resumed duties after a long illness on Friday.
“The only thing we can conclude … is that the organized criminals are winning the battle against federal and state authorities,” Miguel Angel Chavez, head of the opposition National Action Party, told the Quadratin news agency, adding that the violence of the last 24 hours was a terrorist attack.
Eduardo Sanchez, Federal Security Affairs spokesman, said three men had been arrested in connection with the attacks on the substations and two additional men killed in a shootout with military forces. This raised the official count for the related events to 7.


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