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Nuevo Leon youth Confesses to Killing 45 people, he’s linked to 79

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October 25, 2013


Monterrey – Jorge Domene, spokesman for security in Nuevo Leon, said that elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) detained in Monterrey Juan Pablo Vazquez Garza, El Almoloyita, 20, who is linked to 79 murders.



“He confessed to his direct involvement in 45 murders and is related to 34 more in other investigations,” the official said at a press conference

Vasquez Garza was arrested along with Marcela Ortiz Sanchez who is 25 years old.

Both youths were captured as they rode in a van down B. Mitre Street in the colonia Artíclo 27 Constitucional

In the vehicle were found 35 bags of marijuana, 12 mobile phones and 260 pesos, the official said.

He added that the alleged serial killer is a member of a criminal group operating in Tamaulipas and lives in the Valle de Santa Lucía neighboring area. At first he confessed to being involved in 79 murders, including five people in a neighborhood events/meeting room last year as well as the killing of two Transito agents, one of Monterrey and another Escobedo.

According to the State Attorney, Vazquez Garza is also responsible for having the murder of two men in the San Bernabé and a table dancer dancer who was abducted in Progreso.

Furthermore, the accused gave information on other members of the criminal organization, already wanted by the state police and the attorney.

The two detainees were taken to the arraignment house to be further investigated for thirty days while the states attorney fully expects to procure a case and conviction against him.

In the municipality of Tres Valles, Veracruz, gunmen finalized Daniel Villagomez, former 13-year commander of the municipal police in the parking lot of an elementary school, where he left her son.

According to initial investigations, the child of Lino Daniel Villagomez, 13, was shot twice in the chest, and was admitted to the Regional Hospital, where he was reported in serious condition.

In Acapulco, five homicides were reported in 12 hours, including three in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, where the victims were between 25 and 30.

While on Chirimoyas Street in Jardin Palmas, the driver of a city bus was assassinated. In Lomas Verdes a murder was reported of an employee at a body and paint shop.

In Chihuahua, authorities reported three persons were killed including a ministerial agent in Ciudad Juarez. He was gunned down outside his home.

Lasillarota, Policiaca




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