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Captured Manuel Aguirre Galindo, “El Caballo” one of the founders of AFO

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October 24, 2013 



Although federal authorities have not officially released the arrest of the “financial brain” Arellano Felix Cartel (CAF), Manuel Aguirre Galindo, it has been learned that he was transferred to the maximum security prison “Altiplano” in Almoloya.



Manuel Aguirre Galindo, El Caballo one of the founders and most important men in the structure of the Arellano Felix brothers cartel, is now prisoner in the Federal Center for Social rehabilitation, number one, Altiplano. Known as Almoloya.

According to information from Reforma, the finance manager of the criminal organization was captured on Saturday October 19 in Mexico City, one day after Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix “la Pancha” was killed in Baja California Sur.

Manuel Aguirre, about 70 years old and who also calls himself Estanislao Olmos González and “El Galán,” is designated as the major money launderer for CAF.


The arrest of this drug trafficker, for whom the United States offered a reward 2 million dollar and up to $ 5 million for information leading to his capture, was apprehended in Mexico City on Saturday. Officials involved in the national security cabinet, revealed that Aguirre Galindo had three arrest warrants issued by Mexican judges, for the Commission of crimes with operations of resources of illicit origin (money-laundering), against health and Organized Crime (drug trafficking).

Since July 2003, the United States State Department offered a reward for information on the whereabouts of Aguirre Galindo, who was responsible for the financial management of the Organization and also considered to be one of the main operators of Arellano Felix Organization. U.S. Authorities included an order of provisional detention for purposes of extradition to the Mexican Government, since he is also accused of various offenses related to the trafficking of drugs into U.S. territory. Aguirre Galindo was, according to the United States drug enforcement agency, the last of the founders of the Arellano Felix Organization who was at large.

Enedina Arellano Félix y Fernando Sánchez Arellano “El Ingeniero” are still at large.

Among other properties with which the U.S. authorities identified Manuel Aguirre Galindo as the financial leader of the group related to the Oasis Resort built in 1998 in Baja California.

Manuel Aguirre has a criminal record since 1981 when he was arrested for alleged involvement in drug crimes in the vicinity of San Felipe, Baja California, by offloading drugs in a clandestine airport runway and is reported to launder money through the resort Oasis Resort Playa Mar,

Manuel Aguirre Galindo’s arrest took place in Mexico City by the Federal Police;

However, so far the capture has not been officially announced, and the Attorney General of the Republic said he is still being interrogated with the Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (Seido) Attorney.

Nationality: Mexican
Nickname: El Caballo
Cartel Affiliation: Arellano-Felix

Manuel Aguirre Galindo, aka ” El Caballo” is most recognized for his use of a network of financial association and real estate companies to hide and launder his drug monies. He is affilated with the Arellano-Felix organization and has been for over fifteen years. Aguirre Galindo has a long criminal history as a major Mexican drug trafficker.

In January 2002, Aguirre Galindo was designated by OFAC pursuant to the Kingpin Act. The Kingpin Act involves appling financial measures against foreign narcotics trafficking kingpins worldwide.

In July 2003, he and other senior members of the Arellano- Felix Organization (AFO) were indicted for narcotics trafficking, money laundering and conducting the affairs of an illegal enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity (RICO).

In January, 2006, the OFAC identified five companies and six individuals whom have acted as fronts for Aguirre Galindo. By exposing his accomplices and the fronting companies, it will cut them off from the United States and its financial institutions. Alberto Alfredo Valencia Martinez, Urbano Hernandez Somero and Manuel Francisco Aguirre Ramos (Aguirre Galindo’s son) are among the accomplices identified. These individuals served to incorporate, administer and hold front companies on Aguirre Galindo’s behalf. The companies involved included the following Tijuana real estate firms; Playa Mar S.A. de C.V., Inmobiliaria Esparta S.A. de C.V., Inmobiliaria La Provincia S.A. de C.V., Inmobiliaria Estado 29 S.A. de C.V., and Inmobiliaria Tijuana Costa S.A. de C.V.. The resulting effect of the OFAC identifing these 11 designess is the blocking of any assets found within U.S. jurisdiction and prohibits anyone in the United States from doing business with these named individuals and entities.

Manuel Aguirre Galindo is a fugitive from the US Dept of Justice and has a $2 million dollar reward for information leading to his arrest.
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