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Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix is executed in Cabo San Lucas

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October 18, 2013


El Universal. A few minutes ago, a man identified by Security sources as Tijuana Cartel member Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was executed. The murder took place in Hotel Marbella located in the city of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.
Right now there´s a police operation taking place at the Hotel, members of Federal, State and Municipal police are taking part of it.
According to the first versions, a kids party was taking place when a man walked in and shot Rafael Arellano Felix.
Right now there´s a strong presence of both police and military personnel in the Los Cabos-Cabo San Lucas corridor, checkpoints have been established through the area.

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix
Military sources inform two men arrived in a vehicle and killed Francisco Rafael.
Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix served a sentence in the United States after being extradited from Mexico. He was set free in 2008 and deported to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
There are 2 versions right now, according to Los Cabos local news, Arellano Felix was killed by a sicario dressed as a clown in a residential area known as El Tule, no official information has been given, however both versions report a heave presence of military personnel and police agents from Federal, State and Municipal agencies all over the city.

UPDATE: from cabovision

At about 8:00 PM this Friday, a man close to 57 years old was executed in a family party in a place known as Ocean House, which is a garden palapa near the ocean used to celebrate parties on the tourist corridor of Los Cabos, close to El Tule bridge, about 6 miles from San Jose del Cabo.

Even though State authorities have not confirmed that it is indeed Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, the oldest brother of the Arellano Felix family, it has been confirmed by national media on the supposed identification of one of his sons.

The execution took place when more than 100 people (among them several children), were enjoying a party entertained by the Sinaloan musical groups “Mimosa” and “Los Toritos”. Witness reports indicate that suddenly a man dressed as a clown walked towards the party and mere meters from the main door approached the man believed to be Francisco Arellano Felix, shooting him first in the head, and then, while laying on the floor, twice in the chest. The aggressor quickly escaped the scene in a SUV awaiting for him outside. Moments later, most of the guests abandoned the place.

A big police operation took place there, with more than 30 vehicles from Federal, State and Municipal Police, and the presence of dozens of Army and Navy personnel, who sealed the place.

The palapa, used for many kinds of events, was rented by someone named Rocio Lizarraga.

At the party were present, among others, the former soccer player Jared Borghetti and boxer Omar Chavez, son of boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez (very close friend of Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix) who is scheduled to fight today (Saturday 19) in Los Cabos.

It took more than an hour for authorities to arrive to the scene, it took about 5 hours for them to do their investigations at the scene.

Several guest vehicles were left at the scene, among them a red pick-up truck loaded with the musical instruments of “Banda El Torito”.

Official sources informed that 36 guests, who remained in the scene, were taken to the State Prosecutors agency, were they gave their statements.

During the night, several checkpoints were installed in the Los Cabos-San Jose del Cabo corridor, a huge mobilization of military and police personnel was reported during several hours.\




Unconfirmed Information from Cabo sources say there were three sicarios dressed as clowns and that they were allowed exit through a “private “exclusive” entrance reserved for high profile people” The get away vehicle was a white truck parked at the exclusive exit. (seems that security cameras would capture the action)
As stated the authorities immediately shut down the two highways leading out of Cabo, highway 19 and the expanded highway 1. However by land is not the only possible escape in CSL, in fact word around town says they escaped by boat.

The hit had to have cooperation from someone “inside” , or trusted, there were less than three dozen people invited to the children’s party, “Pancho” Arellano being one. The venue is a party hall, it is not a hotel, a party hall of which many are found in most cities in Mexico.

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