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“New Tijuana Cartel” warns authorities: “Don´t mess with us or We´ll kill You”

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October 8, 2013





NOTE: This is breaking news in Tijuana right now, if this manta tells the truth then the criminal map as is known would change, those signing it are believed to be part of both CDS and CAF structures in Tijuana, although all of them were at some time part of CAF. There´s no mention of “El Ingeniero” anywhere in the manta. As more info is given, this post will be updated.
AGENCIA FRONTERIZA DE NOTICIAS. TIJUANA, BC: Unknown individuals who identified themselves as part of the “New Tijuana Cartel” warned the police to “Not mess with the Mafia”, or they could be killed.
This threat was done today with a huge banner left in the upscale neighborhood of Playas de Tijuana at about 7:30 PM, the banner even had good grammar. The banner was taken away by the authorities and handed over to elements of the State Prosecutor´s Office.
The threatening banner was left in the “La Cuspide” bridge in Playas de Tijuana and is signed by “Grupos Unidos: Nuevo Cartel de Tijuana” (United Groups: New Tijuana Cartel).
Just a few months from the end of this administration, the message reads:
“Grupos Unidos Nuevo Cartel de Tijuana, mensaje para la policía municipal realicen su trabajo no se metan con la mafia, policía que decomise droga o detenga personajes del cartel serán acribillados”, firman: Atlante, Balas, Aquiles, El Chan, El Charro, miembros de bajo nivel Chapito, Tablas, Aguila, Tribi, Profe, Javier R4, Beltrán y Chencho Beltrán”.
“United Groups New Tijuana Cartel, message to the municipal police, do your job, don´t mess with the mafia, any police agent who seize drugs or arrest a cartel member will be killed”, signed: Atlante, Balas, Aquiles, El Chan, El Charro, lower rank members Chapito, Tablas, Aguila, Tribi, Profe, Javier R4, Beltran y Chencho Beltran”
This message is given after a series of “hard hits” by the local police, not only with seizures, but with the recent capture of some hit men after a double murder outside of a Car Wash.
As of this moment, AFN wasn’t able to locate the police chiefs in order to get a statement.
ZETA magazine spoke with members of the Intelligence areas in the municipal police who mentioned they are awaiting the examination of the banner, however, they are also analyzing the possibility of this banner being a product of the groups fighting for the so-called Zona Norte(Tijuana´s red light district),
Another hypothesis links the banner to the arrest of a man (still unidentified by authorities) in a hotel located in Playas de Tijuana. This man was in possession of an undisclosed amount of “ICE”





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