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Strange Twist in Facts Surrounding The Michoacán CT, CJNG Shootout

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October 5, 2013


Michoacán; Bounded bloodless bodies at the scene of a shootout


Two of the four found in the aftermath of a gunfight between Caballeros Templarios and Cartel Jalisco New Generation (Ct and CJNG) are identified by their relatives and reported living in Jiquilpan, and were day laborers.
Ramón López Silva, 54-year-old lived on Campo de Aviación street, in the CononiaBella Vista and Luis Ramón Hernández Vega, 26 years old, living on the Melchor Ocampo street, in colonia Centro.
Two groups of armed men engaged in a crossfire for several minutes between the communities of El Guirio and Las Gallinas..
When law enforcement officers arrived to the site of the shooting, they found the bodies of four people of the male sex, some of them tied up feet and hands, as well as four late model trucks.
The other two bodies were later identified by relatives as Alfonso Avalos 28 years old and Jose Licea aged 33, both also identified as laborers. All four had been reported as possible kidnapping victims by their families.
The early reports and video claimed the four were casualties of a balacera in Jiquilan where hundreds of shell casings used by the AR-15 and Ak-47 rifles favored by narcos.
Residents of the town heard a violent clash of detonations and notified authorities. When elements of the Mexican Army and police arrived they found four bodies and at first thought they were involved in the clash but did report the bodies were bound. Clearly not a sign of death resulting from a shootout, nor is the absence of blood from the gunshot wounds the victims suffered, only one body had a trickle of blood.
In all probability the bodies were in reality four of the many innocents kidnapped by CT for propaganda purposes, usually typing them to other cartels or community police.
In the photos is a photo of a light gray 4 door Dodge Ram pick-up. This is the same truck posted recently by Mario Alvarez aka “el Metro” on facebook. He is rumored to have been killed in the CT/CJNG confrontation.


As I reported recently, CJNG is making a serious effort effort to take over Michoacán from CT.

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