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Commander of Elite Group Killed in Navolato, Culiacan Executed, 3 Community Guards killed in Michoacán

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October 6, 2013
An armed group of about 10 men attacked and shot the commander of the preventive state police, José Leonel Aguiluz Camacho, about 7 a.m. Saturday, in Santa Rocío in Culiacán.

He was driving a black Nissan Murano SUV with VNF6005 plate when he was attacked by men who surrounded him in two three vehicles, one was identified as a white or light grey Tsuro. They repeatedly shot the chief with AK-47s at least 50 times, wounding him gravely.

Aguiluz Camacho repelled the aggression, but was shot six times in the body. The paramedics from the Red Cross and auxiliary police immediately worked trying to save him and transported him to a nearby private, local hospital but he died minutes later.

According to some reports, at the edge of a canal near the community of San Manuel a Nissan Tsuru was found, with traces of blood, which is presumably is related to the to the murder of the well known police chief.

At least 50 AR-15 and AK-47 casings were found at the scene.

Aguiluz Camacho served as the head of the elite group in Navolato, a municipality located 29 kilometers from Culiacan, same locality known for their ability to fight abductions and other offenses related to organized crime. Recently José Leonel Aguiluz Camacho and Navolato received a notable commendation as police of the year, from governor Mario López Valdez. In 2009, the police chief received recognition from the Rotary Club of Culiacan when they gave him a Distinguished Citizen Award for “his conviction to duty to safeguard the lives and safety of the people.”

Also in Culiacan, a charred male body was found on the side of the international highway Mexico 15, at the ejido of Los Becos de Costa Rica.

Local authorities reported the discovery of a corpse half buried in Bellavista, in the community of Culiacancito. Up to press time, the victim had not been identified.

Buenavista Tomatlán 3 presumably community guards killed

In Michoacan, five bodies were found with gunshot wounds.

Around 2:00 am, police were alerted by citizen complaint in Yurécuaro that there were two people dead.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers confirmed the fact and reported that the victims, who were not identified, showed visible signs of torture.

In the municipality of Peribán, around 9:00 pm, the staff of Municipal Public Security was alerted by a citizen report that in Buenavista Tomatlán that there were three men dead.

According to the first version, on the side of the Peribán highway of Tomatlán Buenavista, in the community of Copitiro, three victims were found, who were presumably community guards because wearing shirts with the “Por Los Reyes Libres” slogan.

The three were tortured and had endured the coup de grace.

After preliminary investigations, it was determined that the murders occurred elsewhere and that the murderers dumped the bodies in the place mentioned.

The deceased were aged between 25 and 36 years, both fair complexion and dark complexions, and they sustained injuries from bullets.


In Acapulco, authorities reported that in the last 24 hours, there were four homicides, including an officer from of the Preventive Police.

They noted that by early Saturday an accountant was kidnapped and hours later was found in an abandoned car on the corner of Mangos Avenue and San Agustín Boulevard

“He had several stab wounds and an object buried in the right eye. The victim was identified as Celedonio Valente Patricio. He was gravely injured, taken to a hospital, where he died due to the severity of his injuries, “confirmed the prosecution.

Around 11:00, on Limones street of the neighborhood of El Paraíso, Adrián Balanzar Navarrete. a policemen was found dead.

According to testimony from residents, the attack occurred about 11:00 pm on Friday night, when several individuals broke into the home of the agent to kill him with machetes.
Also Friday night the body of a man with gunshot wounds was found in the pueblo at kilometer 21.

Around 10:00 am on Saturday, Emergency Services alerted police and rescue units that a body was floating in the water in the area of Talcopanocha Beach.

In Morelos, four men were killed by an armed group in used car flea market in the town of Tejalpa in the municipal of Jiutepec.

The incident occurred about 1:00 pm when at least three men, who arrived in a taxi and two motorcycles, opened fire on the four men who had been there since the morning to sell two cars.

In Zacatecas, officials from the state Public Security Secretariat reported that around 7:00 am, a male body was found on the side of State Highway 181 in the municipality of Guadalupe, AK-47 shells were found near the body.
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