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Mexico’s Police Corruption Remedy? Hire Women Traffic Cops… 2 Executed SSP in Sinaloa…

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October 1, 2013
Perhaps all that is needed to remedy corruption among Mexican police is a woman’s touch.

Officials in the nation’s central State of Mexico have hired hundreds of female officers and declared that only they may issue traffic violations. Why? Simple: You can trust ladies in uniform more than you can men, authorities say.

“Women are more trustworthy and take their oath of office more seriously,” Carlos Ortega Carpinteyro, police chief of Ecatepec, a suburb of Mexico City told NPR. “They don’t ask for or take bribes.”

The Mexico State governor Eruviel Ávila Villegas has launched a broad anti-corruption campaign, which is being advertised on billboards and on radio and television. “Mexico State’s traffic police is only made up of women now,” says the announcer in one of the advertisements. “Remember, they are the only ones authorized to write you a ticket.”
Although officials are favoring female traffic cops, they seem to be doing so for seemingly sexist reasons.

“When a man is approached by a female cop, even though he is the stronger sex, he calms down and will listen to her,” Ortega says, without offering anything to back up his opinion.

Currently, the women are only able to give verbal warnings to motorists who break traffic rules. Mexico State’s government hasn’t given the green light for full authority until all anti-corruption measures have been put in place, which none of the state agencies have done yet.

Drivers are still waiting to see if the new policy works, and at least one isn’t impressed. Diana Mendez told NPR that she had to pay a bribe to a female cop in order to prevent her car from being impounded. “I had to pay her the 200 pesos,” she said. “But let me tell you, it’s not a pleasant thing to do.”

But Maria Villa Fuerte says she wants a chance to prove that women can be honest cops. “That will be much better than just standing here in the middle of the street, blowing a whistle.”

4 members of Ministry of Defense Kidnapped in Jalisco

The Department of Defense reported the disappearance of 4 officers and has requested support to federal, state and municipal. Organized crime groups vying for control of the region.

Guadalajara. – Four members of the Ministry of National Defense who were engaged in undercover in the town of Magdalena were kidnapped by some men in a taxi.

Authorities reported the missing military officers and requested support from federal, state and municipal governments to deploy a search operation, which so far hasn’t left any positive results.

The information on the kidnapping of the soldiers was brief, however, it emerged that the military intelligence was striving to combat organized crime plaguing Magdalena and surrounding areas.

Two weeks ago, On Sept. 13, the Magdalena plaza boss was executed in La Cima, Zapopan.

Magdalena is one of the municipalities that is heavily contested by various factions of organized crime groups because of its geographical location with roads that facilitate easy access to the states of Nayarit, Zacatecas and Durango. It is also where large marijuana crops are found as well as narclaboratories.

Official sources say that Los Zetas, New Generation Jalisco Cartel, the Gulf Cartel and La Corona are the groups that are fighting for control of the area

On June 18 a confrontation occurred between officials and organized crime and civilians refused the confiscation of their high caliber firearms.

Reviewing incidents of violence in Magdalena in 2012, an armed group in the area killed Director of Magdalena Police, Raul Hinojosa, on August 23 during a confrontation with a zeta cell, along two other officers, who accompanied him on a tour of surveillance,

While on November 27 of 2012, in Tlaquepaque, the deputy police chief of Magdalena, Noe Enríquez Suárez, was the victim of an attack that killed his bodyguard identified as Héctor Suárez Farfán

The attack was perpetrated by individuals circulating on high-speed motorbikes, after a discussion turned into an argument.

Also in January of this year, the Public Security Police said more than 60 kilos of marijuana, cartridges and tactical gear was located in four vehicles abandoned at the foot of a hill located in Magdalena.

The Valles region is an area within fourteen municipalities where there have been numerous incidents of violence, clashes and killings.

On January 29, Lucio Rosales Astorga, director of Hostotipaquillo police was killed when he arrived home.

Looking for leads in El Quelite, Sinaloa – 2 SSP Officers Slain

The municipal, federal police and soldiers from the Mexican Army conducted a joint operation in El Quelite, searching for leads to located the armed group who ambushed the two officers from the Mazatlán Secretariat of Public Safety. The police were gunned down in back of the community health center on Sept. 28 by men armed with AK-47 rifles in a white pick uptruck.

The officers were identified as Commander Juan García Esquivel 54 years old and an agent Third, Edmundo Luis Rosa, 43 years old from Secretariat of Public safety (SSP) in Mazatlán

After the gunmen killed the officesr, they also robbed them of two AR 15 weapons, radio communication equipment and their wallets.

Unfortunately, all that the military police search found was 2 shot up vehicles with tactical vests and documents from one of the dead officers inside. In the area near the double crime they located a green Ford Ranger with four bullets in various parts of its body with registration plates UB-235003; a white Chevrolet Tornado pickup truck, without registration plates, but equally shot up.

After the double murder, many inhabitants of the community of El Quelite, expressed their fear and concern that assassins might return, but the presence of the local, state, federal forces and members of the Mexican Army, made residents feel secure.

Source: Mexicorojo, muchosdrpr, oem, news, Riodoce





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