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Mexican police rescue 73 migrants in Reynosa

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 September 30, 2013



A total of 73 migrants were released from captivity by a Policia Federal road patrol Monday, according to Mexican news accounts.

An El Universal wire dispatch posted on the website of Milenio news daily said that a Policia Federal road patrol had observed two individuals in a Ford Grand Marquis on Calle Cerro San Miguel, and gave chase until they arrived at a residence in Las Fuentes colony.

Two suspects were detained at the scene and were identified as Santiago Betancourt Mora, 43, and Daniel Martinez Gonzalez, 25. A third suspect was detained, Cristian Josue Galvan Hernandez, 18, who was allegedly a lookout for the crew, colloquially known as a halcon.

From inside the residence elements of the PF patrol heard calls for help, and inside they found 73 migrants. The migrants told PF police that they were being held for ransom at the residence by criminal suspects.

Of the 73 released, 37 were Mexican, consisting of 32 men and five woman. A total of 36 were Honduran, consisting of nine men and ten women. A total of 14 were Guatemalan consisting of 12 men and two women. Three of the rescued were Salvadoran. Additionally, six children were among the released.

The victims had been kidnapped from bus stations and bus stops, and were held for ransom between four days and four months prior to the rescue.

Police also seized 687 rounds of ammunition, a fragmentary hand grenade, six weapons magazines and marijuana weighing a total of 9.912 kilograms.

Local criminal gangs on the northern border of Mexico look for migrants attempting to cross into the US, kidnap them and hold them as they attempt to contact relatives back home for ransom.




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