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23 Zetas Arriving in Saltillo Detained-including 9 minors, Cash, Guns

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September 29, 2013
On Friday, agents from the Operative Reaction Group of Saltillo (GROMS) arrested 23 persons operating for organized crime group, with weapons, cartridges and cash.

The detainees confessed to belonging to the Los Zetas group, admitted to specifically arriving in the municipality of Saltillo with the sole purpose of performing various tasks in support of this criminal organization.

GROMS the elite operatives from Saltillo seized 100,000 pesos, 48,000 dollars, 500 cartridges, loaders, diverse tactical equipment which through the spokes person for the PGJE, Jesus Carranza Oyervides said it included, 17 weapons of various calibre and lengths.

Those arrested are identified as Enrique García Olivares, 27 years; Carolina Llanas García, 19 years; David Daniel Llanas García, 28 years; Guillermo Nuncio Ramírez, 21 years; Juan Pablo Jaime Herrera, 34 years; Félix Segovia Trujillo, 48 years; Jesús Santos González Ramírez, 24 años; y Georgina Guadalupe Guerrero Reyes, 26 years; all from Nuevo Laredo.

José Cabrera Meléndez, 24 years, de Veracruz; Fernando García Hernández, 19 years, from Monterrey; Arnoldo Eduardo Castillo Hernández, 23 years, from Monterrey; Luis Alberto Yerena García, 21 years of Montemorelos; Sergio Ramón Gutiérrez Coronado, 18 years, from Apodaca; y Rafael Álvarez Izquierdo, 22 years, from Saltillo.

The detainees, who include nine minors and two women, were put at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic

Sources: larednoticias, radioformula




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