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Officials Pleased with Downward trend in Crime in Nuevo Leon- “Yeah but”………..

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September 27, 2013

Thursday morning in the metropolitan municipality of Santa Catarina. The violent incident occurred early at 1:00 am in Chato’s Grill, a cantina located on Movimiento Obrero Avenue in the neighborhood of Jardines de la Fama part of the metropolitan municipality of Santa Catrina. Witnesses said three men entered the establishment and opened fire on about 30 customers.

MONTERREY, NL  – Four young people were killed and three others seriously injured during an attack by gunmen in a bar early  Two men died inside the bar and two died outside between parked cars.

The injured were transported to local hospitals. Sources close to the case said actually one of the mortally injured had died early this morning, although that version was not confirmed. Of the four youths who died, authorities were able to generally identify three, but only as “Samu,” Aaron, and Oscar, alias “El Loco,” all  between 17 and 20 years of age.

In the parking lot crime scene investigators seized several vehicles, among them, a car with a vehicle registration of 350z SRN2-4190 which had taken about 20 bullet holes, also a Mustang and a red pickup truck with 13 bullet holes. The shooting caused panic among the attendees, many of whom went quickly through the emergency exit.. Inside Chato’s Grill they treated men and women who were hysterical. It is believed that the incident is related to organized crime.  At the time of the tragedy (the numbers in reports have varied) but between 30-50 men and women were on the premises , in addition to the manager and two bartenders, all who retired after the incident. On Tuesday, a businessman was murdered outside his factory, in the neighborhood España, south of the city, a fact related to his refusal to pay the criminals’ plaza fees.

Nuevo Leon’s government has reiterated that between the murders this year none has been linked to criminal extortion, and in some cases there has been misrepresention by the media.. Governor Confirms kidnapping of the father of Nuevo Leon Mayor 

MONTERREY, NL – Jorge Luis Martínez Martínez, the father of Jorge Luis Martínez Gutiérrez, mayor Zuazua, was abducted early Wednesday from his home in Zuazua, located 40 kilometers north of the capital of Monterrey confirmed today the governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz.

He explained that Jorge Luis Martinez Martinez, father of the mayor, was kidnapped at 2:00 pm yesterday from his home located in Zuazua and his whereabouts remain unknown. Medina said: “We are working on the confirmed case, and unfortunately I can not give more information for obvious reasons, but it is confirmed and we are working.” The family of the victim presented the relevant factual allegation, authorities have refused to provide information to the media for the safety of those involved. Despite the recent crimes, the security spokesman for the state, Jorge Domene, said that there is a downward trend in criminal activity in Nuevo Leon. “What we see is that in the last three months, and this would be the fourth, the impact is we’ve had about one case per day. As of today we have 24 reported cases related to organized crime, this is a trend of consistency in that number, ” he said. He also noted that recent killings and kidnappings have been carried out by a specific group of organized crime.  Milenio says in an article on Sept. 28, 2013 that 53% of homicides in Mexico are linked to organized crime, down from 72% in January. In April, 2011 8 out of ten homicides were linked to narcos.

In August 2013, there were 777 killings related to organized crime, which represents the lowest average in two and a half years (It may be better than the story below which was typical from a year ago but it’s still too early to be boasting) Los Zetas Cell killed 22 people, incinerating 17 of them at two ranches in NL

MONTERREY, NL. – The Attorney General of the entity (PGJE) today introduced a cell of Los Zetas involved in the killing of 22 people 12 men and 10 women, 17 of which were incinerated at two ranches located in the north. Domene Jorge Zambrano, a spokesman for Public Safety, said that one of the ranches is named “La Barbie” and the other is in San Martin Dam, 220 kilometers from the capital, in the north end of Nuevo Leon. Domene reported that two of the detainees, who were already caught, did job of killing. This is Jesus Mendoza Guadalupe Frias  aka Jesus Frias Alejandro Lozano, El Lupin,’  El Gordo’ , El Cochiloco’ or La ‘Vaca,’19, and Mario Vazquez Ramirez, Chester, 20, who received 6000 pesos per fortnight. The other three arrested were operating as halcones. They are: Carlos Arturo Escalante Bazaldua, El Anahuac or El Arturin , 26; Ezaú Alejandro Olvera Saldaña, El Tao , 29, and Francisco Javier Sánchez Robles, Chacho , 32. At the time of arrest, the head of “hawks,” identified with the nickname of Eru, managed to flee. According Domene, the crimes were committed by the Zetas were conducted between April and August this year, and its victims were residents of Anahuac. Some were eliminated by selling drugs and other rival groups for snitches. The PGJE also involves them in car theft at gunpoint against at least four drivers circulating in the municipality border with Texas. In total, the cell has four formal complaints. The charts below are from Zeta Weekly August 2013 Report of EPN’s War against Organized Crime

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