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Homicide Prosecutor of Attorney General (PGJE) of Guanajuato Executed

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September 21, 2013



A prosecutor specializing in homicide for the Office of the Guanajuato Attorney General (PGJE) was executed last night in Leon, Guanajuato. Jose Antonio Guerrero Salazar, was shot to death by gunmen pursuing him as he was leaving the neighborhood of Granjas Campestres by the exit at San Francisco del Rincón.


Guerrero Salazar was with his wife heading home when at the intersection Governors and Satellite Streets was hunted down by sicarios in two other vehicles who shot him several times. Fortunately, the prosecutor’s wife was physically unharmed.

The PGJE official died after receiving several bullets in the skull, said the deputy Manuel Angel Hernandez. Salazar Guerrero was 49 years old and worked for nearly 20 years in the field notably as an agent for the Office the Attorney General. He served as prosecutor specializing in homicides.

According to the first witnesses on the scene, two vehicles were pursuing the car, one was reportedly a white Honda with no plates (except provisional paper taped on the inside windshield) and a grey vehicle which waylaid the prosecutor’s car, at the same time agrey vehicle blocked the van, four gunmen opened fire and neighbors heard 6 to 7 detonations. The victim died facedown on the side of his car in minutes.

After the first report at 9:20 PM to 066, Municipal Police corroborating that a person had been shot and was seriously wounded, requested immediate medical help, they received a description of the perpetrators and implemented a wide search operation of the area within minutes.

Paramedics reached the scene quickly. The area across from the Pemex plant, was reinforced with a contingent of police from every level as it became apparent the chief homicide prosecutor of PGJEG Zone 1 had been slain.

The first insights into prosecutor’s body, by the paramedics, presented four bullet wounds in and out of the occipital region of the head and more in the chest.

Deputy Manuel Angel Hernandez said at the news conference today that the Attorney General of the state of Guanajuato expresses its strongest condemnation of the murder of Mr. Jose Antonio Guerrero Salazar in the city of Leon. Salazar Guerrero died of multiple penetrating wounds to the head, but the spokesman reserved their number and caliber of the bullets that killed the officer of the PGJE.

The deputy refused to talk about details of the opened investigation. He just reiterated the agent was in his car bound for home when he was stopped and finalized and “It is ending of the life of a person who virtually spent his entire professional life was working for the Attorney General, many years.” Again he condemned the murder of the agent, whom he described as “a great man with an investigative nature.”

Sources: Mexicorojo, Informciondel, Notus, Heralddelbajio



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