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CJNG Makes All out Move into Michoacán

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September 22, 2013




New photos of Nemesio Oseguera aka El Mencho, have been making the rounds. There is no way to verify the authenticity that they are in fact Mencho, the premier leader of the brutal Cartel ‘CJNG’. (Cartel Jalisco New Generation)
But one thing is very clear, the cartel based out of Jalisco, has made an all out attempt to move into Michoacán to fight for the territory.

Once considered the fastest growing cartel when they, with the help of the Sinaloa Cartel, spread from the pacific cost to the gulf in a matter of months.


It was at the hands of CJNG that the slaughter of 35 innocents in Boca del Rio Veracruz, in 2012. Using the innocent as props, including children, women and a decorated policeman, they dumped the bodies on a busy highway adjacent to the World Trade Center. They hung banners proclaiming the innocents as “Zetas”, and they were in Veracruz to clean the state of Zetas.

Later, some police were found to be in collusion with the cartel assisting with the abduction of innocents by taking the people “into custody”, which the law abiding citizens obeyed the orders of the corrupt police and went with the officers in police vehicles. They were then delivered to CJNG for execution using them as props for their morbid propaganda.

It was during the PGR investigation of the Boca del Rio mass killings, that the entire police force was fired for corruption, not one police officer could pass the polygraph test, those that agreed to the testing, a third of the force quit rather than taking the test. The irony was that the police force were working at the direction of Los Zetas, not CJNG, those that assisted CJNG were only a couple of squad car police that CJNG had hired.

Witnesses saw a 15 year old boy taken into a police car as he was walking on his way to purchase feed for his chickens before school. Later he was seen among the dead of Boca del Rio. (see photo below left)

In 2013 reports began appearing that Cartel Sinaloa to have broken ties with CJNG but there has not been a clear determination if the reports were true, however by then CJNG were a force to be contended with on their own strength. The cartel has generating confusion in the movement of auto defense groups by killing and attributing the killing to the auto defense groups.

The confusion tactic was successful initially as the public were not familiar of the leaders and new auto defense groups, or their tactics. It later became clear that the authentic groups were organized for security, as their constitutional right provided by articles 2 and 10 provide and did not implement cartel tactics.

At the same time as CJNG was gaining strength, the splinter group of Caballeros Templarios, or “CT”, headed by Servando Gómez Martínez aka La Tuta, was also spreading at a rapid pace. that has developed into the fastest spread over an area of any cartel in memory. Their operation has spread to the north, south, east and west borders of Mexico. CT are now present and also operating in Jalisco and 12 other states, and are trafficking across borders of BC, Sonora, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

The thought of CJNG infiltrating Michoacán, in a attempt to control the state, is horrible news for the people of Michoacán, who are plagued with violence from multiple sources and have had to form the auto defense groups to self govern and self police, as the state government is unwilling to help the people.

The temporary governor of Michoacán has personal ties to CT, the wives of Governor Jesus Reyna Garcia and CT leader ‘La Tuta’, are sisters.





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